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What Is the Best Weather for a Photo Session in Knoxville

I love living in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have four incredible seasons providing a different and unique setting for stunning photographs. Spring and Summer provide lush greens in the background, with Fall providing the most color. Winter is unique, with muted colors and brisk temperatures.

When planning a photography session, you want to ensure you get the best weather in Knoxville. More than 300 days of sunshine a year, mild temperatures, and plenty of seasonal beauty make Knoxville ideal for an engagement session or family photo session. But if you don’t plan, you may wish for a second take when the weather doesn’t cooperate. In this post, you’ll learn which season offers the best weather and light for photo sessions in Knoxville, how to stay ahead of the weather, and why being flexible with your photography session may be in the cards for you. No matter the season, you can capture unforgettable memories with the right preparation, planning, and photographer.

Which Is the Best Month to Book a Photo Session in Knoxville?

When planning a photo session in Knoxville, it’s essential to consider the weather for taking photos. So what is the best weather for a photo session in Knoxville? Honestly, any month and any season are great for photos. It all depends on the “feel” and “vibe” you want for your photos. But challenges are present at any point during the year. Let’s look at how the weather varies by month in Knoxville, and you can decide what fits best for you and your photography session. 

Best Weather for a Photo Session in Knoxville
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The Winter Months

Aside from December, a photographer’s peak season is not in the winter. Why? The winter months in Knoxville have the lowest combined temperatures compared to the other season. And we southerners do not like to freeze. The winter produces an average high of 49.2°F degrees during the day and a 30.8°F average low at night.

But winter is lovely for photos. This season is for you if you like the muted colors in the trees combined with a cozy vibe. If you are taking winter photos outside, you should dress for the weather. Wear sweaters and nice coats with boots, hats, and comfy gloves.

If an outdoor setting isn’t for you, I suggest a few covered or indoor locations, such as Knox Exchange or The Delrose Farmhouse.


One of the most valuable aspects of taking photos in December is utilizing the holiday decor. Why not incorporate the festive pieces into your session’s backdrop? Another fantastic advantage of December photos? Cold temperatures mean that you get to hold your loved ones close. The result? You get cozy photos!


Knoxville’s coldest month is January. The average temperature overnight is 28.9°F with a daytime average temperature of 46.3°F. You will also see clouds for 54% of January, making it the cloudiest month of the year.

But, with the cold and clouds comes the snow! If you consider yourself playful, a snow photography shoot may be in store! Planning will be essential for this photo shoot, as snowfall is few and far between. Be ready for a spur-of-the-moment session!


January’s twin is February! This month remains cold with the potential for snow. But one good thing about February is that many locations for photography are less crowded. When popular locations are empty, this gives me plentiful options for scenery. I can direct my couples and families freely because there won’t be people in the background to avoid.

Best Weather for a Photo Session in Knoxville
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The Spring Months

Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel mild. Highs range from 86.5°F and 56.2°F with warmer temperatures in the later months. Generally, Knoxville experiences mild and pleasant weather during this time of year, with temperatures gradually warming up as the season progresses.

Rain is common, but with rain comes new growth! Knoxville is a great place to see a variety of flowering plants and trees in the spring, and most of the flowering flowers and trees bloom in early April. Spring is your season if you are looking for photos amongst the Red Buds, Wysteria, or the Tennessee State Tree, Dogwoods.

I would recommend an outdoor setting for a photography session in the spring. But with a backup plan. The Bleak House, The Knoxville Botanical Gardens, Mabry-Hazen House, and Maple Grove Estate are great outdoor locations that provide a covered option.


Welcome to the month with the most average rainfall and the most wind. The spring months also bring some challenges. The weather in spring can be unpredictable. It’s essential to stay informed about weather conditions and prepare accordingly when planning your photo session.

If you are interested in Daffodils, the cheerful spring flower, you will find them this month. These flowers bloom in clusters, including bright yellow, white, and orange colors. Many of these beautiful flowers are dotted along the main roads and interstates around town.


The weather is pleasant this month, with blooming flowers, particularly during the first full week of the month. Redbud Trees are popular with their striking pink and purple flowers, and many families and couples love to take photos amongst their thin branches. April also brings the full blooms of Wysteria around the middle of the month.


May can also be pleasant for photography in Knoxville. The weather is typically mild, and the trees and flowers are in full bloom. The temperatures are also comfortable for outdoor photography sessions at any location. This month is very popular for wedding photography as the month remains pleasant from beginning to end.

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The Summer Months

It’s no secret that summer in Knoxville can be hot and humid. In Knoxville, the summers are long, hot, and muggy. High temperatures typically vary from 88°F to above 94°F. But hot temperatures don’t have to ruin your outdoor photography session.

But many of us look forward to the long days of summer. However, the weather during the summer months can be unpredictable. Bright and sunny days can lead to pop-up thunderstorms in the evening that may ruin plans. Be prepared to reschedule a session or wait out the storms. In fact, storms bring the best sunsets, in my opinion.

There are many ways to beat the Tennessee heat and maximize your summer photography. First, incorporate comfort into your outfit. Summer outfits should be comfortable, so look for fabrics that suit the weather. Also, consider a color palette that compliments the gorgeous summer vibe. Colors such as whites and pastels will be flattering in the summer sun.

Second, choose a photography time that is closest to sunrise or sunset. These times are not only more comfortable, but they are the prettiest with the golden rising and setting sun. This time of the day is affectionately called “golden hour.”


June is a great summer month for a photography session in Knoxville, as it’s generally not as hot as July and August. This is a great month to incorporate a long maxi dress or romper into your outfit choices. You probably already have a few things in your closet that will work perfectly for this summer session, but pick light, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen if you need to go shopping.


July is the hottest month, with an average daytime temperature rising to 86.9°F. With heat like this, you will need to stay hydrated. The number one thing you need to bring is water. This is quickly followed by a towel or batter-operate fan, oil-absorbing wipes, and a makeup kit. Caffeine can also increase body temperature, so I recommend skipping that second cup of coffee in the afternoon.


August is another hot month in East Tennessee. I would recommend bringing a second outfit, even a change of clothes for after your session. All of your outfits should allow for free-flowing movement. In other words, avoid heavy formal wear (especially for gentlemen). The photography location should also be versatile and offer plenty of shade options.

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Prepare to welcome the cozy autumn weather as the leaves change to vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows. From September to November, the temperatures in Tennessee transition from hot summer days to mild, pleasant days. Whether you’re a seasoned Tennessean or a visitor, understanding the weather conditions this autumn will give you the best opportunity to experience the beauty of the season fully.

Like in other seasons, the weather can impact your photography session. With Knoxville being just a few hours from the gulf, this city can see remnants of hurricane weather. For example, Hurricane Ian brought rain to East Tennessee the first weekend in October 2022.


The first few weeks of September are usually warmer in Knoxville. However, the weather turns pleasant at the end of the month, which is perfect for taking photos. September is also the start of the “busy season” for photographers in Knoxville. Be prepared to book your session early to snag the year’s remaining dates.


October starts with pleasant weather, with fall colors picking up at the end of the month. The weather is generally mild, and the light is lovely, with long shadows and warm tones. It’s one of the busiest months for photographers in Knoxville and even more so for photographers who travel to the Smoky Mountains. In fact, much of my October calendar is usually booked by the end of the summer months.


November is a cold month in Knoxville, with mainly overcast skies. Plenty of colorful fall foliage is available the first week of the month. However, scheduling photo sessions in November is challenging due to daylight savings time and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Further, the weather can fluctuate drastically in this month. Pleasant fall days can quickly turn cold and rainy. Enjoy the sun and crisp air while you can, and layer up with warm clothing! If there was ever a moment to wear your cute boots and fall outfits, this is the time.

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Final Tip for Your Photography Session

I am now going to be Mrs. Obvious. Hot is hot. Cold is cold. If you plan on scheduling a winter photography session, be prepared to freeze. If you plan on scheduling a summer photography session, be prepared to sweat. And always be prepared to reschedule your photography session for a change in time or date, especially if you want photos outside.

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When thinking about your photography session, you first want to do is schedule with me! I routinely photograph weddings, engagements, elopements, and family photos in Knoxville. I know of many excellent engagement photography locations and family photography locations in Knoxville. As a resident of Knoxville, I also understand the weather patterns and conditions and can make many recommendations that will fit your photography needs.

Best Weather for Photography Sessions in Knoxville
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Looking for a Session in The Great Smoky Mountains?

I am an equipped and experienced Smoky Mountain Photographer familiar with session locations in the Smokies. Much of what happens in Knoxville also occurs in the Smokies. So you can trust me for all your photographic needs in the smokies.

You can get in touch with me to schedule your sessions. However, it’s worth noting that factors like road closures and timing may affect scheduling in The Great Smoky Mountains. But there’s no bad time for photos. Knoxville has plenty of options for photos. 

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