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Revamped Railroad Depot Plays Host to Fun, Intentional, and Intimate Wedding

Revamped Railroad Depot Plays Host to Fun, Intentional, and Intimate Wedding

Casey and Kristen were all smiles as they made vows at Jackson Terminal in Knoxville, Tennessee. Their joy was contagious among their friends, family, guests, and even this photographer. The couple wanted to do things just their way, and they made that happen! A wedding day is a marvelous life experience; you only get one shot at making it “right.” Casey and Kristen focused on what made it right for them: an intentional, fun, intimate wedding.

The Preparation

Casey and Kristen stayed in separate rooms at Downtown 211. The wedding party worked to ensure that these brides wouldn’t cross paths on the wedding day. The bridesmaids made sure that they helped with rotations of getting both ladies’ hair and makeup done just right. After zipping up the dress and adding the boutonniere, it was time for them to see each other!

One of the most touching moments of this intimate wedding was when each bride pinned boutonnieres on separate family members. Casey also had a special moment with her grandmother. She had secretly designed cuff links to honor her deceased grandfather. The whole room felt the significance of that moment, bringing a lot of happy tears and comfort to everyone. It’s another reminder to cherish the ones you love and lost and to involve them throughout the wedding day.

The Vows 

The moment had finally arrived for Casey and Kristen to commit to one another, and each wrote their personal vows. Personal vows are a great way to personality to any wedding ceremony as the gathered audience gets to hear directly from the couple about how they feel about each other. This wedding was certainly no exception, and faint chuckles and cheers could be heard from guests in attendance.

The Wedding Party

Let’s hear it for the girls! The bridesmaids were a particular highlight at this wedding. They all wore very classy and defined bridesmaid dresses that truly stood out. An earthy green color was chosen for Casey’s side, and a blush purple dress color for Kristen’s side. What brought them together? Complimentary bouquets from Echelon Florist blended nicely with all the outfit choices. Everyone was dressed perfectly for this fall wedding combination of formality and fun. 

Jackson Terminal

The venue itself was decked out with a rustic look that was welcoming and highlighted the moment’s importance. Small bulb lights hung from a plain white tapestry from the ceiling. An open aisle parted the rows of seats for all wedding guests. Orange and white (the colors of our Tennessee Volunteers) could also be seen throughout the decorations. The thoughtful and well-planned wedding was coordinated well by Absolute Wedding Perfection.

Jackson Terminal left nothing to chance when setting this wedding up precisely as the brides wanted. The couple had the perfect classy East Tennessee wedding experience, and they could take care of all the guests. Casey and Kristen are on to the next chapter of their journey together, and I am so happy to have been a part of their nuptials.

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Revamped Railroad Depot Plays Host to Intimate Wedding
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