Game of Thrones Bridal Photos

Game of Thrones Bridal Portraits | Erin Morrison Photography

Game of Thrones Bridal Photos

As a professional wedding photographer, I sometimes get requests for wedding shoots outside of my regular packages. Do I mind? Nope! I love providing bespoke portraits sessions for my couples when they request them. It’s often an opportunity to really get creative and make beautiful photos that my clients can use as wall art. Maureen and I met at The Quarry Knoxville for a gorgeous Game of Thrones bridal photos. Maureen is one of the sweetest people in the world. She and her (now) husband are kind, personal, and purposeful. The couple had a Game of Thrones themed wedding and of course, the bridal gown and details totally fit!

Their Love Story

Maureen shared that Thom is her absolute best friend, and she thinks life would be so incredibly boring without him! They’ve been together for four years, and got engaged last November. He proposed with a custom made ring all, lovingly hand crafted, and it is so her! It is actually a funny story because last Thanksgiving, Maureen’s cousin shared that he was going to propose to his girlfriend in two weeks. He was showing them pictures of the ring at their Tennessee family get together. Maureen gave Thom such a hard time, teasing over how her cousin was going to propose soon! Little did she know, not two days before, Thom had gotten a call to tell him her ring was ready!

When they got back home from their Thanksgiving trip, on Monday he picked up the engagement ring on his lunch break. He got home that evening, and couldn’t even make it into the living room. He told Maureen to close her eyes, and that he gotten something special for me while he was at work. Unassumingly thinking he had brought home a cookie or something, standing there in her PJs… Maureen obliged and closed her eyes. And when she opened her eyes, Thom was on one knee with the ring in his hand. Perfection.

The Quarry Venue Knoxville

I loved their proposal story so much. Maureen also shared that while she and Thom have very different professional lives, when they are at home, they love all the same things. Nerdy, fun things that keep them both young at heart. So, it goes without saying that their wedding would echo some of the things they loved! This bridal portrait shoot channeled some of the fantasy of their Game of Thrones wedding. With her handmade ring and handmade crown, she truly looked like she stepped from the pages of a fairy tale. Her flowing blonde hair, stunning bridal gown from Hayden Olivia Bridal and her green velvet cloak all added to her stunning, regal look. As she walked through the wooded areas of the The Quarry Venue, she truly looked like she was from another time. Of course, her iron longsword made her look like she could sit on the Iron Throne!

The Quarry Venue was the perfect backdrop for these Game of Thrones bridal photos. This stunning, historic marble quarry was such a unique backdrop for her portrait session. Nestled in the heart of West Knoxville, this amazing wedding venue is actually in a real quarry that was once known for its pink marble. What really elevates this outdoor event space is their one-of-a-kind location called “The Canyon.” We took full advantage of this breathtaking natural feature. With 100’ soaring rock walls and trees dripping with ivy, it was truly unique.

Professional Bridal Portraits

Thank you so much to Maureen for asking me to be her photographer for these Game of Thrones Bridal photos! I had such an amazing time with you, and it was so fun! I wish more brides would get back into their dresses to have professional bridal portrait shoots like this one!

If you are interested in a bridal portrait session, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I love to do them and would love to find creative ways for you to wear that beautiful dress again. Or, if you’d like to have a session before your wedding, professional photos are a great way to test drive your hair and makeup before the big day. Make sure to fill out my contact form and I will be in touch!

Game of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue Knoxville

Game of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue KnoxvilleGame of Thrones Bridal Photos at The Quarry Venue Knoxville

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The Quarry Venue

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Dress is from Hayden Olivia Bridal

MUA: Taylor Raby

Hair Stylist: Hailey Oldham

Why You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer

Why You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer

Why You NEED A Professional Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos are the single most important worldly possession you will take away from a wedding. More important than any crystal punch bowl or luxury coffee maker by far. Your wedding photos will contain all the love, joy, and beautiful memories of the day you said your “I Do’s” to the love of your life. So whether your wedding is a multi-generation celebration or an intimate cottage ceremony, whether you are eloping to a National Park or to the courthouse, you want to make sure there are some truly amazing photos documenting your momentous event.

After all, wedding photos are something you will cherish for decades to come. Enjoying them for yourself or sharing them with future generations. But the question is: How will you get those amazing photos? While modern technology does allow you to collect some hilarious candids from the guests themselves, any experienced event planner will tell you that the best caretaker for your wedding memories is a professional photographer.

There are four overwhelming reasons why every wedding needs a professional photographer:

  • Commitment

    • To fully capturing your wedding
  • Experience

    • At getting great shots and missing nothing
  • Assurance

    • That you and guests can enjoy the event
  • Results

    • Beautiful and complete wedding album

Why You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer


Let your family be the family…and not the photographer.

If you’ve never asked a family member to be your photographer at an event before, don’t make your wedding the first time! Dealing with participant-photographers takes skill and, quite frankly, you’re not going to be happy with all of the shots. There’s no need to ruin a good relationship with friends or relatives by adding the stress of photography duties. Even if they offer, you don’t want to have to tell someone that their hard work created an underwhelming wedding album. Instead, let your family be exactly who you want them to be at your wedding: your loving and supporting family.

A professional is committed to you on the day of your wedding.

The flip-side to this, of course, is that a professional photographer isn’t actually there to actually celebrate the wedding of a close friend or relative. (Although, we do enjoy pretty much everything about weddings!) They don’t need to dance the night away to feel successful at the event. Or cry their eyes out as you march down the aisle (we totally do that some times). A dedicated photographer team will actually be more committed to getting great shots and making your wedding album complete than a well-meaning friend would be.

Here at Erin Morrison Photography, we make sure that the only events we schedule on your wedding day IS your wedding day. Rather than toasting as a guest, we will be getting an inspiring shot of the champagne toast. Rather than lining up for cake, we will be collecting great shots of you and your guests happily enjoying their cake. Instead of dancing, we will be committed to immortalizing all the best dance moves that made your reception a hit. Unless it’s the Wobble, and then we will be busting a move on the dance floor.

Why You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer


Attention to detail

A professional photographer knows far more about detail and about what shots matter most in a wedding album than any friend or family member who enjoys wielding a camera. Professionals also know how to make your moments truly picture-perfect. They will point out if a bridesmaid has her bra-strap showing before snapping a pic. Stop to adjust a shawl to catch the wind in a perfectly romantic way. Or call the couple out for a wistful sunset portrait just as the sky turns a vivid and breathtaking red. It’s this attention to detail that can create a truly amazing wedding album.

Ability to manipulate scenarios for the best photos

But what most people don’t realize before their own weddings is how much photography equipment is involved in taking perfect photos. It’s not just finding and creating ‘Kodak Moments’, it’s also making sure the right lens, lighting, and angle are in place. This is just one of the keys to create beautiful images. You want someone who knows exactly how to use their camera to achieve crystal clear focus, and can use different lighting in a variety of flattering ways. Especially if your venue varies from indoors to outdoors.

Weddings go by fast and can’t be redone

Photographing a wedding is also more like a marathon than you might realize. Weddings go surprisingly fast! There are only a few hours in a single day to catch literally hundreds of priceless once-in-a-lifetime moments. Your photographer (or team of photographers) will need to be ready to capture every single moment, most of which can’t be re-done. A professional knows how much of a physically and mentally taxing role they play, and are still ready to capture every precious moment, big and small. From the ceremony kiss to the flower girl enjoying her cake!

Why You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer


Peace of mind lets everyone relax on the wedding day

A lot can happen to a wedding photography plan that a guest-photographer may not be prepared to handle. And they will bring that stress back to the bride and groom. What if their camera breaks, or their battery runs out, or they brought the wrong lens? These problems could potentially cause your wedding to go un-photographed, a fate that will wreck most couples with worry.

From their experience, professionals have seen the worst a wedding can throw at a photographer and are prepared for it. They have a backup camera, batteries, and memory cards with them so in case something happens with the gear, they have a solution.  Knowing this can help you feel assured and excited at the same time. And that is exactly how you are supposed to feel on your wedding day.

More potential costs

When you plan for a family member or a non-professional to do the photography and they fall through, this can leave your wedding in a bad place. This can also leave your wallet in a bad place too. You might have to hire a professional at the last minute. Or, goodness forbid, your photos could be lost through error in uploading or a hard drive malfunction. How are you going to get those photos? Or better yet, your money back? Was there even a contract?

It’s much better to hire a professional and know for certain that there will be a photographer there with everything they need. If a professional wedding photographer price tag seems a little high, just remember what you are paying for. Professionals spend hours and hours deciding on how to price their market based on many factors, including:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Time spent booking, conceptualizing, preparing, photographing, and editing a wedding
  • Travel
  • Insurance and Contracts
  • Accounting
  • Gear
  • Continuing education

And then remember what you are NOT paying for. It is understandable why you may go with an inexpensive option. But, take into consideration the reasons why photography is expensive. Then weigh out how important professional vs. non-professional services are to you.

Why You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer


There is more to photography than an expensive camera.

You chose the photographer for a specific reason. Not just because they’re local and affordable, but because you love the galleries of photos they’ve taken of other weddings and events. There’s a style, a spirit in their work that you want to shine through in how your wedding is documented. There’s more to photograph than just point and click. It’s an art form.

In the same way an artist uses a brush, a carpenter uses a hammer and a writer uses a pen, these are just tools, it’s how the person uses it that produces amazing creations. A professional photographer is a visual artist who sees beauty in things that happen in the real world. When they point their camera at your wedding, they find the artistic beauty and bring the magic of your special day to life in the wedding album.

Your photographer will know all the right angles, your ‘best side’, and beautiful poses that will immortalize your wedding forever. With their experience, equipment, and inspiration as an artist, your photographer can make sure that each photo captures the joy, seriousness, silliness, and uniquely human moments that are all part of your wedding.

Professional Knoxville Wedding Photographer

If a friend or family member has offered to be your wedding photographer, you don’t have to turn them down. Instead, encourage them to be a wedding guest. But to capture the entire magical experience of your wedding from beginning to end including portraits and special moments, accept no substitute for a dedicated and experienced professional photographer. With 150 weddings under our belt, Erin Morrison Photography is sure to capture your wedding day with all the professional courtesy. Please feel free to check out our wedding portfolio and contact us!