Wedding Portfolio

You’ve said yes to the love of your life! Now it’s time to capture your big day in pictures that last you a lifetime. The idea of choosing your wedding photographer should not stress you out. Rather, you need to have fun with the process. After all, it’s your day I am there to make sure you don’t forget it.

What makes my style unique?

Knoxville is a popular area for weddings. Not only is the area amazing, but the Smokies are beckoning you to celebrate among nature’s beauty. What makes me unique among area photographers? Awesome question! I focus on you and the vibe of the day.

I like to have fun and capture the raw beauty that is your wedding day celebration. My goal at the end of the night is making sure you are happy. We enjoy each other’s company while I work to capture your day, your way.

Before Your Ceremony

A great way to approach your wedding is to divide it into three pieces. The first is what happens before you walk down the aisle into the arms of your beloved.  You get me all to yourself. As you relax and surrounded by your bridal party I will capture the little details that make the day stand out. These include small details on your outfits, your shoes, and any other special details you have.

After a few photos of you, I bid you farewell to relax and enjoy the last few minutes with your party. I’ll capture your future spouse as they prepare for the day. I capture cufflinks or handkerchief and any special family mementos for their personal pictures.

The individual sessions are amazing before the ceremony begins. There is one more option for pictures before your ceremony. Have you thought about a first look session? This special type of session is a private moment between the two of you before everyone sees you. It is the perfect time to relax, center yourselves and let the natural beauty of your day surround you. Spend some time in the arms of your future spouse as I fade into the background.

During Your Ceremony

As a couple, you are the focus of your ceremony. Those pairs of eyes are on you. During your ceremony, I make myself scarce. I capture the little details without intruding on the moment.  Before your ceremony please let me know if you have any special moments planned. This way I am in the perfect position to capture these unique elements.

Let the Festivities Begin

The ceremony is only one part of your day. Enjoy the festivities as the run their natural course. As your guests make their way to the reception. I capture the cake and the moments you don’t want to forget such as the dances and toasts, and of course, the all-important exit.

Are you looking for someone who understands this is your day? Let’s chat about having your wedding captured in lasting images. I look forward to capturing your wedding. The day goes by in a flash, let me make sure your pictures transport you in the blink of an eye.