erin morrison

I was born and raised in Illinois and moved to the great southern state of Tennessee.  I am a walking contradiction; an introverted extrovert, a Type A personality with a creative streak, a Yankee who says fixin’, and a lover of comedy who couldn’t tell a punch-line to save her soul.  I never dreamed that I would be a Knoxville wedding photographer or a Knoxville family photographer, and I am blessed that my art allows me to meet new couples and new families every day.

I am a storyteller who likes to take modern, simple, and no-frills photos. I enjoy taking photos of couples and families who have a passion for the life that they lead. There are many beautiful photographs in this world, but the photos that we remember, the ones that speak to us, are about real relationships and real emotion. So, hold your wife’s hand, kiss your children on the cheek, and enjoy the moments that you have together. Now THAT is what I want to capture. And THAT is what you will remember about your life.