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Playfully Fun Norris Dam Engagement Photos

Playfully Fun Norris Dam Engagement Photos

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting and romantic moments in any couple’s life. Engagement photos freeze that moment in time. Photos allow you to return to that feeling of perfect happiness and joy each time you look back at the people you were in this very special moment. The look you two give each other just holding hands and being together is what will bring your engagement photos to life.

Of course, a great photo is more than just the beauty of your loving faces. It’s also the beauty of the space around you. That’s why choosing the right location for your engagement photos is so important. Raven and Fryderyk made a great selection in Norris Dam Park. It’s a beautiful location with an incredible variety of shots and backdrops to choose from. At their Norris Dam engagement session, we went ventured to many highlighted locations. We went by the waterside and walked under towering trees. We event went to the top of the Dam itself!

Your Perfect Place for Engagement Photos

What makes a great location for engagement photos? That depends on your tastes as a couple. Some couples are drawn to the beauty and symbolism of a bridge. Some seek historical buildings, looking to represent their love with the timelessness of ancient places. There may be a place that is special to you! Or a location with just the right light to reflect the mood of your love.

Many couples want to take their engagement photos in the great outdoors, letting the beauty of the sunshine, trees, and glittering water lead the way. Norris Dam offers a great selection of backdrops depending on what you find most romantic in your engagement photos.

Want to frolic on the rocks by the lakeside, or walk hand-in-hand down a nearly endless forest path? You can walk across the dam or take pictures near the historic wood-burning cabins built in the 1930s.

The Backdrop-Worthy Vistas of Norris Dam

There are so many places to take incredible engagement photographs at Norris Dam Park. Depending on just what you’re looking for, each place offers something unique and beautiful. You can choose a single location. Or, if you want a diverse gallery, we can explore several of the best places in Norris Dam Park. There are plenty of places to shoot your cute, romantic, and fun engagement photos.

The Waterside

Norris Dam preserves the Norris Reservoir. It is an essential reserve of water with more than 800 miles of shoreline from end to end. This means endless stretches of glittering coast and rocky shores. You can take photos from high up, with the water gleaming behind you, or on the rocky coast. There are several private and public piers for boating and fishing. You can walk out to be surrounded by the water or take a photo on the shore with your shoes off and water between your toes.

Photos on the rocky shore are especially beautiful. One of my favorite photos from this album is of Raven and Dryderyk walking along the photogenic boulders. We can go to your favorite spot where you’ve had picnics before or walk the coast for the perfect shot by the water.

The Forest Walk

Another beautiful choice for Norris Dam Park engagement photos is to step down one of the deep forest walks. The trees surrounding Norris Reservoir seem to go on forever, with no sign of human structures and trees in every direction. Pose on the walk or stray from the path to take breathtaking photos in a sun-dappled clearing deep in the park woods. 

The verdant canopy above will perfectly frame your engagement photos as you and your fiance pick flowers and embrace each other under the open sky.

Historic Cabins

Many couples love a dash of history in their photoshoots. There is something special about mixing the romance of an old building with the fresh romance of a newly engaged couple. Norris Dam Park had several (over 20) historic cottages. The cabins were built in the 1930s and are now charming classic fixtures in the park design. The old mill is especially charming and brings that sense of history to your entire photoshoot.

The Dam Bridge

The Norris Dam bridge is a breathtaking sight, from the top or the bottom. At the base of the dam, you can see the incredible concrete walls to create a towering backdrop to your engagement photographs.

At the top of the bridge, you can see the reservoir lake for miles of glittering water behind you. You may see sailboats gliding over the water or even distant children playing on the beaches. On the top of the Hoover Dam is an incredible place to make special by staging your engagement photos overlooking the entire park.

One Take or Many at Norris Dam

You don’t have to choose just one place in Norris Dam Park to take your engagement photo. You can choose two, or three, or all of them. With just a few quick drives around the park – or a long walk in comfortable shoes – you can make your engagement photos truly your own. There are backdrop opportunities found around every bend in Norris Dam Park.

If you are looking for a gorgeous outdoor venue to take your engagement photos but don’t want to limit yourself to one or two angles, the Norris Dam is a great place for a dynamic multi-location shooting with tons of potential for flawless backdrops. Contact me today and let’s get talking about all the fun spots at Norris!

Engagement photos at Norris Dam State Park
man and woman standing in the forrest looking at the camera
girl blowing Dandelion seeds at engagement photos
Norris Dam State Park engagement session
man and woman kiss in field with tall trees
norris dam engagement session in Tennessee
man and woman walking down gravel road
man and woman kiss in front of Tennessee River
black and white photos at Norris Dam Engagement Session
engagement session at Norris Dam Engagement Session
man and woman hug in front of stone wall and river
woman in blue dress walks on stone wall holding hand of man
man and woman dancing at playfully fun Norris Dam engagement photos
man and woman kiss in front of Tennessee River
man and woman walk on the riverbed
black and white photo of man and woman walking on rocks
engagement photos at Norris Dam Engagement
man hugs woman from behind in front of dam wall
man and woman walk on bridge over water
man lifts woman on side of road with a railing
man and woman kiss over bridge
man and woman walk on dam road at Norris Dam State Park
Playfully Fun Norris Dam Engagement Photos
man carries woman on bridge
girl and boy hug overlooking waater
man and woman walk on road at Norris Dam Engagement Session


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