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Best Family Photography Session Locations in Knoxville

Are you searching for a perfect spot for your next family photography session in Knoxville? Look no further! There’s nothing more significant than creating family memories together in a beautiful space. Knoxville TN offers endless family session locations with stunning backdrops to choose from. Discover the best family session locations in Knoxville for gorgeous family photography images. 

Melton Hill Park Family Photography Session Location in Knoxville

Melton Hill Park 

Are you a family that loves spending time in nature? Melton Hill Park is your spot if you’re searching for a family session location with rolling hills and grassy fields. The rocky outcropping and the Clinch River strolling create a beautiful backdrop for your family photo session.

The best time to have your family session in this perfect location is just before sunset to enjoy the setting sun over the stunning river view. Whether you want to enjoy a family picnic in front of the stunning fall colors or take unforgettable family images for great memories, Melton Hill Park is a dreamy location with plenty of river-view spots. 

Knoxville Botanical Garden Family Session Location

Knoxville Botanical Garden 

Knoxville Botanical Garden is one of the most outstanding family session locations in Knoxville. With over 40 acres of space, this location is excellent for families that love a variety of backgrounds. You’ll be spoilt for choice, from walking trails, unique historical horticulture, outstanding display gardens, timeless stone buildings, and distinctive stone walls. 

All these details create excellent photo backgrounds, so you’ll have dozens of stunning backdrops to take cozy family portraits. The cascades of natural lighting make it friendly for your Knoxville family photographer to take your shooting just about any time of the day, which is convenient, especially if kids are involved. Consider taking a garden family shoot in the fall to enjoy the striking beauty of trees. 

Sequoyah Hills Park Family Session Location in Knoxville

Sequoyah Hills Park 

Sequoyah Hills Park is another beautiful Knoxville family session location to explore if you want to achieve those beautiful colors in your family photography images. This great spot is a scenic tree-lined boulevard park with rolling hills, breathtaking spring landscapes, and quaint older homes that provide many stunning scenic locations for family photos. 

Sequoyah Hills Park also features waterway accesses to the Tennessee River with a trail that winds up along the riverfront, creating an excellent photo background for nature lovers. 

Meads Quarry Family Session Knoxville Location

Meads Quarry 

As a family, you probably want to take advantage of the outdoors as you enjoy your photography session, and Meads Quarry allows you to enjoy just that! Meads Quarry is only minutes from downtown, and it’s one of the top family session locations in Knoxville that features beautiful rolling woodlands with an array of exhibits and over 10 miles of trails. There is also a beautiful shoreline around the quarry lake. You’ll have plenty of gorgeous areas to capture unique family photos, from sunlit paths to trails and sparkling blue quarry waters wrapped with beautiful tall rock cliffs. 

Ijams Nature Center Family Photography Session

Ijames Nature Center

Have you ever dreamed of taking photos of your family in a wooded wilderness? How about the shores of a calm blue lake? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out Ijams Nature Center. This wildlife sanctuary is an oasis with over 12 miles of trails on 315 acres of wooded trails. The best part? It’s just in south Knoxville. The center is also large and varied. Every couple can find something that reflects their interests – whether they’re crazy for rock climbing, avid bird-watchers, or simply fans of the great outdoors. You’ll find it at Ijams Nature Center no matter what you look for in your family photography session.

The Bleak House Family Photography Session Location in Knoxville

The Bleak House 

If you’re looking for a relaxed family photography location in Knoxville, you can never go wrong with The Bleak House. This charmingly Italian Tuscany villa-style mansion in the heart of Knoxville is where all magic happens. 

The Bleak House, also called the Confederate Memorial Hall, overlooks the Tennessee River and features five flat, grassed terraced levels descending towards the River. The property features beautiful architecture and beautifully designed gardens. The lush gardens and scenic river setting provide an incredible backdrop for outstanding family photographs. 

Location Fee: $50 per hour

The Delrose Farmhouse Family Photography Session Location Knoxville

The Delrose Farmhouse 

Have you dreamed of having a classic American farmhouse vibe in your family photos? The Delrose Farmhouse features beautiful and timeless photography locations, which are great for an intimate family photography session. 

The farmhouse is set on five beautiful historical acres, a few minutes from downtown Knoxville. The venue is full of natural light, authentic décor, and a vintage charm that will help you achieve outstanding family photographs with a homely magic touch! 

Location Fee: $200 for 2 hours

Mabry-Hazen House Family Photography Session Location

Mabry-Hazen House 

Located on the highest hill and surrounded by breathtaking Knoxville and Tennessee River views, you can already tell that Mabry-Hazen House is one of the most exciting family session locations in Knoxville. This gorgeous home is located a few minutes from downtown Knoxville and Gay St. It is ideal if you want an intimate family photography session. 

Mabry-Hazen House resembles an Italian villa with outstanding white stucco walls, stunning arches, and beautifully decorated art pieces and antiques. You’re sure of a timeless backdrop for unforgettable family photographs. 

Maple Grove Estate Family Photography Session Location

Maple Grove Estate 

If there’s one word to be said about Maple Grove Estate that will be timeless. This wedding venue provides a beautiful backdrop for timeless, memorable family photos. You can either have an outdoor photo session along the tree-lined pathway and near the flowing fountain or enjoy the timeless indoor features that hold a simple elegance theme. Whatever your choice is, you’ll still get gorgeous family photographs capturing special family moments. 

Location Fee: $100 per hour

Norris Dam State Park Family Session Location

Norris Dam State Park 

If you prefer getting your family to explore outdoor sites and enjoy what Knoxville’s nature offers, why not explore the Norris Dam State Park? It’s another outstanding family session location in Knoxville for nature lovers. 

With over 21-mile trails, Norris Dam State Park provides breathtaking views of Norris Lake and the neighboring hills and valleys. The venue also has other outstanding background details, like the shoreline, which creates a beautiful backdrop for family photos. 

Best Family Photography Session Locations Knoxville, TN

Hire a Knoxville Family Photographer for Unforgettable Family Photos 

Are you looking for an experienced and equipped family photographer in Knoxville to help you explore and create unforgettable family memories? Erin Morrison photography is here to help. 

Taking photos is an excellent way to keep your family’s fun and intimate memories alive. So, if you’re planning for your next family photography session in Knoxville, consider hiring a family photographer with extensive knowledge and expertise to help you explore the natural wonders of the Knoxville area. 

As an experienced photographer with over eight years of experience, I will help you capture your sweet family memories. Contact me to book your family photography session, or check out my mini-session page to learn more about my services and how I can help you create family photos that you’ll cherish forever. 


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