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real-time blogging and seo Improvement

Going to a workshop is a fantastic idea for photographers for many reasons!


These events are like hands-on learning playgrounds where you can level up your skills in a guided setting. You get to hang out with pros who share their tricks, tips, and experience, which expands your creative game. Workshops often focus on specific photography areas, so whether you're a newbie looking for basics or a pro wanting to fine-tune your expertise, there's something for everyone. Plus, you meet other passionate folks in the field, opening doors for collaborations, friendships, and industry insights. Workshops are great for boosting your skills, sparking creativity, and making connections in the photography world!


But what if we added a new element to a workshop?


Picture a dynamic "working workshop" where photographers dive into SEO and Blogging. It's all about rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on. You're not just hearing theories but crafting blog content, tinkering with SEO strategies, and making it all happen then and there. The key is to keep the momentum going in the workshop itself so you're not loaded with tasks to do at home. It's all action and doing, no endless talks or theories—just practical, real-time learning that amps up your skills right away.


Does that sound great to you? If so, hit the button below! Your engagement in this form will aid me in deciding the where, when, and what!



SEO is your backstage pass to getting noticed on the web. It's like a fun crash course in making your online stuff more visible. Picking up the sneaky secrets of how to climb the search result ladder is easier than you think. It's all about learning to speak Google's language and telling it, "Hey, people looking for this awesome stuff—here I am!" You'll be diving into the world of search and getting tips and tricks on how to make your site pop up on people's screens. It's not just about techy stuff; it's about making your online presence stand out in a crowd.

Target Keywording and Website Content for SEOKeywordsS E O01.

Keywords are like secret codes that help your website get noticed online. When you use the right keywords, it's like shining a spotlight on your posts or pages. They're the words or phrases that people type into search engines when they're hunting for something. Keywords help search engines understand what your website is all about, making it more likely for people to find it. Picking and using the right keywords is like unlocking the door to getting your website in front of the right audience.

Linking Structure for Photographers and SEOLinkingS E O02.

Linking structures is like building pathways throughout a city—creating accessible routes for people to navigate. When you link within your website, it's like making roads that connect different parts of your content. Links help your readers explore more of your content, guiding them to related topics. Search engines use these links to understand your content better, so the more connected your posts or pages are, the more search engines realize how helpful and organized your website is.

Images are like the secret sauce for SEO—they jazz up your blog and make it more Google-friendly! Search engines might be super bright, but they can't see images like we do. So, when you add images to your blog and descriptions (called alt text), you're giving search engines clues about those images. These images and their descriptions not only make your blog more appealing to human readers but also help search engines figure out what your blog is all about, giving you a better chance to show up in search results.


Blogging for photographers is like having a hangout spot on the internet. It's where you don't just show off your photos but also share tips, stories, and behind-the-scenes education. Think of it as your personal space to be the expert you are. It's a place where you chat with your fans and other photography enthusiasts, building a platform that's more real and engaging than just tossing a reel on Instagram. Apart from all the fun, it’s a great way to turn your passion into something more by selling prints or teaming up with brands. It's like your creative hub where you hang out, teach, learn, and make things happen!

Blogging and SEO Course for PhotographersExpertiseBlogging04.

When you blog, it's like giving everyone a backstage pass into your photography world. You're not just showing fantastic photos; you're telling the world, "Hey, I know my stuff." It's like being a photographer who knows all the best photography locations or skills. Sharing your knowledge not only builds up your street cred for potential clients but also makes you the "it" person in your photography niche.

Visibility and SEO knowledge for photographersVisabilityBlogging05.

When you keep the blog train rolling with fresh posts and evergreen content, it's like turning on a big ol' beacon that says, "Hey world, I'm here!" Those blog posts are your tickets to a better online ranking game—they give you a better chance to pop up to potential clients. The more you share and update your blog, the more eyes you'll likely catch.

Branding and Marketing Strategy for PhotographersBrandingBlogging 06.

Your blog is your personal billboard in the digital world. Your blog is like your very own PR machine where you can shape how people see you. You're not just another photographer—you're crafting your brand. By putting your style, your story, and your vibe out there, you're making a beeline straight to the hearts of the people who dig what you're about.

“Erin spoke so clearly about how to make simple and impactful changes to make my website better...



SEO has always been an overwhelming concept to me. It didn't matter how many articles I read on the subject, I never really understood how to implement simple changes to increase my SEO. Erin spoke so clearly about how to make simple and impactful changes to make my website better. She helped me understand the terminology that has always been overwhelming to me. I now feel like I can conquer this once scary task!”



Ready to take the plunge?

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About Knoxville Wedding Photographer Erin Morrison


My name is Erin, and I am a wedding photographer in Knoxville, Tennessee.


If you are interested in the workshop, you need the following items.


Laptop or Tablet: A portable device for accessing online tools and working on blog content creation.

Notebook and Pen: Even in a digital world, jotting down notes or sketching ideas helps capture insights and action points throughout the workshop.

Existing Website: An existing website will allow participants to directly implement SEO techniques, optimize content, and apply learned strategies during the workshop.

Images or Sample Content: There will be a huge benefit in bringing along some images, samples of writing, or drafts of potential blog content.

Login Credentials: Having login details, usernames, and passwords readily available is essential.

Enthusiasm and an Open Mind: Having an open mind and being ready to engage with the content and with fellow participants will maximize the learning experience.



SEO Content Creation and Brand Visibility

Workshop Coverage






Understanding Blogging for Photographers:

Introduction to blogging, its significance for photographers, and its benefits.


Creating Engaging Content:

Strategies for generating captivating blog content tailored to photography.


Optimizing for SEO:

Implementing SEO best practices for photography blogs, such as image optimization, keyword usage, and metadata.


Showcasing Photography:

Tips for effectively displaying and presenting photos on the blog, including galleries, slideshows, and image optimization techniques.


Writing Techniques for Photographers:

Understanding how to write compelling content as a photographer, storytelling techniques, and engaging the audience through writing.


Promoting and Marketing the Blog:

Strategies for promoting the blog through social media, email marketing, and other channels tailored explicitly for photographers.

SEO for Photographers





Understanding SEO Basics:

Introduction to SEO concepts, keywords, and how search engines work.


Keyword Research for Photography:

Exploring keyword strategies for photography niches and local SEO for photographers.


Optimizing Image SEO:

Techniques for optimizing images, including file names, alt tags, and descriptions for better search visibility.


On-Page SEO for Photography Websites:

Tips for optimizing on-page elements such as meta titles, descriptions, headings, and content


Link-Building Strategies for Photographers:

Exploring effective link-building strategies and how photographers can get quality backlinks.


Creating SEO-Friendly Content:

Guidelines for producing SEO-friendly content tailored to photography, including blog posts, captions, and descriptions.

Blogging and SEO Tools

The following applications, programs, and tools will assist in keyword research, content creation, word copy, and on-page SEO for websites. The choice of tools depends on the specific needs or preferences of each photographer and their level of skill or knowledge. But many of these will be discussed at the workshop in some capacity.


○ Yoast SEO

○ Grammarly

○ Moz

○ Surfer

○ Keywords Everywhere

○ SEMRush

○ BlogStomp

○ Google Trends

○ Tailwind + Pinterest

○ ChatGPT

Practical Approaches Tailored for Photographers

I won't be delving into the nitty-gritty of back-end coding or technical intricacies like Google G4 in this SEO workshop. While I aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of SEO strategies tailored for photographers, I'll focus more on practical, hands-on approaches rather than the technical side of website optimization. Specific, advanced insights into tools like Google Search Console or deep dives into intricate back-end development won't be the centerpiece here. Instead, I'm geared toward delivering actionable techniques and strategies that photographers can easily and quickly implement on individual websites to elevate their online presence without getting lost in the complex technical details of SEO.


Are you looking for more of a one-on-one class ?


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