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Knoxville Senior Photos in the Old City with Grunge Aesthetics

Old City Knoxville Senior Photos with Grunge Aesthetics

Knoxville senior photos are a great way to document personality and style. And as you can tell with Abigail, she has tons of personality and style. So why not celebrate in the place you call home by making your senior photos a celebration?

The Texture and Color of the Old City

The first thing that makes this area unique is its incredible texture and color as a backdrop for Knoxville senior photos. The old buildings have an earthy, vintage feel, and the hues range from neutral to vibrant. One of the most important things when choosing a background for senior pictures is finding something that complements the look. And we found that the Old City Knoxville setting was the perfect mix of textures, light, and color to bring out the grunge look.

The best part? We shot all of these senior pictures on public streets and roadways. We borrowed chainlink fences, vintage stairs, and even an old loading dock. For Abigail’s second outfit, we chased the setting sunset all the way down Jackson Street to the bridge.

Dress Tips for Senior Photography Session

Abigail had an idea of what she wanted to wear, but I knew that we would be moving around a lot and didn’t want to restrict our time together. This can help with poses and also make the shoot more enjoyable. Here are a few other dressing tips to make sure that senior photos are a blast:

Wear Clothes That You Feel Confident In

Wearing something that makes you feel confident is important. It’s essential to feel good about your body and what you’re wearing. Choose outfits that make you feel fabulous (no matter the look).

Color, Texture, and Shape

Think about what colors look best on your skin tone and also consider how much skin is showing. For seniors, unique patterns, jackets, skirts, and dresses are all options that can create flattering poses.


Accessories can be the key to making a great outfit. Add something that makes the outfit stand out! Hat or sunglasses are also great options. Jewelry is another important accessory. Choose simple or unique pieces that accentuate your outfit! Knoxville seniors can also wear some of their favorite necklaces and earrings.

Make an Outfit Your Own

The best outfits are often a combination of things you already have in your closet! Use what you already have and add a few new accessories or pieces for Knoxville senior photos. If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and try something totally new! Why not?! You can always find ways to repurpose your old pieces in different outfits or wear them again at a later date.

Knoxville Senior Photographer

At Erin Morrison Photography, I strive to create a Knoxville senior session that fits your aesthetics. I want you to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so that when we get those perfect shots, it’s because you are feeling your best.

I want to create a beautiful senior portrait session that reflects you, and I’m here to help you find your style. If you want more information on how I can help you capture your Knoxville senior photos, check out my portfolio or contact me at (865) 214-7826.

girl in black halter top and cut jeans sitting on vintage stairs
senior photos in Knoxville with grunge aesthetics in the Old City
senior photos in the Old City with grunge aesthetics
girl in cut jeans and black halter top for Knoxville senior photos
grunge senior photos with girl sitting under stairs in black top and light cut jeans
grunge senior photos in Knoxville in the Old City
girl sitting on loading dock in ripped jeans and black halter top for senior photos
Knoxville senior sitting on old loading dock in ripped jeans and black halter top
Knoxville senior photos in the Old City with grunge aesthetics
Old City Knoxville senior photos with girl in ripped jeans and black halter top
girl leaning on graffiti door in ripped jeans and black halter top for senior photos
girl in black dress leaning on graffiti wall in the Old City Knoxville
girl in chic black dress and black boots walking in front of graffiti wall
senior girl in chic black dress and black boots leaning in doorway on street
Knoxville senior posing in black dress on urban street
Knoxville senior photos with girl in sleek black dress on stairs in Old City
golden hour senior photos in Knoxville on stairwell in Old City
senior girl posing in sleek black dress on graffiti stairs
senior photos leaning on stairway railing in black dress
Knoxville senior photos on bridge in sleek black dress and black boots
Knoxville Senior Photos in Old City with Grunge Aesthetics


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