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Love is love and there's nothing greater than watching a couple tie the knot. Two grooms, two brides, or any other combination is beautiful because of the love that is being shared. At Erin Morrison Photography, I have been fortunate enough to photograph a number of weddings within the LGBT community. The focus of my LGBT portfolio is always the same – have fun and capture the love.


The moment one of you has proposed, I'd love to be involved. Engagement photography is often less stressful than the big day. It's about having some fun and letting loose in front of the camera. It's also a time for us to get to know each other a little bit. Are you serious or do you like to fool around? These are always things I want to know so I can be sure to capture your real personality through photographs.

The photos that are taken can then be used for wedding announcements, a wedding website, and even as a frame for guests to sign at your reception.


Too many couples focus solely on digital these days. While I shoot digital photographs, I also provide a wedding album – and a same-sex wedding in Knoxville is no different. You want to make sure that you have printed photos to commemorate your special day. It will be something you will want to look back on years from now to be able to share with family and friends.


Your wedding should be about the two of you, not all of the tiny details. You want to remember the love that the two of you share and the twinkle in your eye when you say your vows. Those are the things that I'm going to focus on while photographing your wedding.

We're fortunate enough to live in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee. There are some incredible venues for ceremonies and receptions. I have photographed indoor and outdoor weddings throughout all months of the year.

Regardless of what venue you choose, I can promise that it will be fabulous. I can also recommend some different places to go for additional photographs. Capturing you in a wedding dress, a tuxedo, or what you're most comfortable in on your wedding day can make for some memorable photos – and those are the ones that are worthy of being hung on your living room wall, too.


As an LGBT wedding photographer in Knoxville, I focus on capturing the real emotions and the real relationships. I'm a dreamer and an artist, which is why I love weddings. I will approach your wedding day with technical knowledge as well as creativity. My goal is to tell your individual story as opposed to using a pre-created "shot list" simply because I want to make sure that your photo album is unique.

Whether you opt for a traditional wedding or you break the boundaries and create something completely individual, I will be there every step of the way in order to capture the memories.


I'm always looking forward to meeting new couples throughout Knoxville. I'm committed to telling stories through photography that captures the raw emotion. Every couple has their own, unique style.

Contact me so that we can talk. I'm happy to show you my LGBT portfolio in-depth and answer any questions that you may have. After all, I want to make sure that you're comfortable with me as your wedding photographer! I look forward to being able to capture your special day.

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