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Timeless Family Photos at Knoxville Estate

Timeless Family Photos at Premier Knoxville Tennessee Estate

The family photo is a portrait we can cherish for a lifetime. Children remember their first family photo as a strong early memory. And generations in the future will remember your family by the portraits you take today. This is why families often choose historical places to take their family portraits. 

Whether you are documenting the growth of your children, a new member of the family, or creating a portrait to hang in the living room for generations, Maple Grove Estate has the gravitas of Tennessee history to create the perfect timeless family photos for generations.

Timeless Family Photos at Knoxville Estate

Maple Grove Estate in Knoxville, TN

Built in 1799, Maple Grove Estate has been a beautiful landmark in Knoxville, TN for over 200 years.  The modest Federal-style architecture from the front walk hides a sprawling and beautiful estate. Frame your family on the historic front steps of the Estate house. Or surrounded by a tunnel of beautiful trees on the 10,000-acre grounds. 

Of course, the most breathtaking part of the Maple Grove Estate is the sweeping brick courtyards and ancient stone structures. If you know where to look, you can find romance and timeless yet playful shots for the whole family.

Timeless Family Photos at Knoxville Estate

The Timeless Style

The Maple Grove Estate is timeless, nestled in the perfect 10-acre surroundings to somehow disappear within the nearby suburban spread. It has always been slightly removed from the world and therefore stood in historic tranquility.  The Georgian- and Federal-style architecture is deceptively modest, revealing a sprawling estate of rooms, brick courtyards, and beautiful spaces within.

This makes it the perfect place for events and photo shoots that capture the timeless beauty of family over the generations. The home itself provides a simple elegance in brick and painted wood arches and beautiful tunnels of trees down private walks. You can frame your family photo to your personal tastes with a diverse and efficient selection.

Timeless Family Photos at Knoxville Estate

The Right Choice for Busy Tennessee Families

Aside from the history and beauty of the place, Maple Grove Estate is also nearby. Nestled in the heart of the western Knoxville suburbs, you’ll be surprised just how short a drive it is to this seemingly secluded 10-acre estate. For a busy family looking for timeless photos without a road trip or a mountain drive, Maple Grove is a great choice.

Where Westland Dr meets Ebenezer Rd, you’ll find the Maple Grove Estate. There’s a bakery, pizza place, and coffee shop on the way in, depending on your direction, and a quick session can fit into any afternoon or a long lunch break.

Timeless Family Photos at Knoxville Estate

Family Photography Mini-Sessions

One of the best ways to complete your family photo goals is a mini-session. These are quick, pre-set-up sessions where your family can arrive for an appointment, shoot a few perfect photos, and catch your next lesson or meeting without any slow-downs.

Mini-session is a 30-minute block appointment. This includes 25 minutes of photography and 5 minutes of small talk. Usually, mini-sessions take place in the photographer’s studio where they can have everything set up and perfectly timed. On-location mini-sessions are a great opportunity for timeless non-studio shots without the cost or time-demand of a private booking. 

Mini-sessions are ideal for young children who don’t have a long attention span or tolerance for fancy clothes. You also get the best possible price for high-quality professional photos in a historic on-site location.

If you are planning your next family photo in Knoxville Tenessee, consider booking one of my mini-session bookings.

Timeless Family Photos at Knoxville Estate


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