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Favorite Ideas for Unique Wedding Exits

Think back to when you were a little girl, dreaming of your wedding day. If you are like most of us, you had it all planned out, even down to the part where rice or birdseed that has been tossed up into the air could end up in odd places as you leave the church/reception area. You run toward a car that is decorated with shaving cream, balloons, tin cans, etc., with just married written all over it. This exit is as much a part of a wedding day as everything else, but it is often overlooked. At Erin Morrison Photography, we have to ask, “Why?”

Why is it that when we start planning a wedding, the exit seems like a minor detail? Making a grand exit can be very symbolic because you are surrounded by family and friends wishing you a happy life together. You are leaving the reception area to begin life as one family, one unit, united forever! Even if you do not want rice or birdseed, it can be a moment of fun, romance, and more. As proof, here are some of our favorite ideas for unique and photo-ready, wedding exits.

Wedding Exits for a Wedding Day
Wedding at The Relix

Our Most Favorite Ideas

Streamers or Ribbon Wands

Imagine walking through streamers and ribbons as you head off on your honeymoon. Streamers can be colorful or sparkling silver and gold. You can choose colors that coincide with your overall wedding theme. They can be textured as well. To make the most of it, your guests should hold the wand over your head as they shout well wishes for a happy future. To add a fun spin to it, you could even have a couple of guests with streamers or confetti party poppers along the walk.

A bonus for most is that ribbon wands are simple to create, and the effects will be magical for all who see them. 

Sparkler Wedding Exits
View this Whimsical Wedding at RT Lodge

Add a Little Sparkle

Although most appealing in the evening hours, a sparker could be a great way to celebrate the start of your life together. Your guests can make a canopied path for you to walk through using them. If this idea appeals to you, you should know that specifically designed wedding sparklers are available. They have a longer wand and a longer duration than traditional sparklers. 

Your wedding photographer can capture the sparkle and the magical effect sparklers create. It is even more appealing if you stop for a romantic kiss under the canopy. 

Please Note: you need to make sure that the venue or your chosen “exit path” is suitable for sparklers. 

Glow Stick Wedding Exits
Wedding at 4 Points Farm

Glow Sticks

Imagine a grand exit that leaves your white gown and path covered in various bursts of color! That is the appeal of glow sticks which are a great alternative to sparklers and a lot more colorful. You can choose long and skinny glow sticks or brighter, shorter ones. Both will add a burst of color to your pathway.

As a fun idea, you can also set up a glow stick bar where guests can pick the one they want to use. 

Lavender Wedding Exits
Brunch Wedding at The Knoxville Botanical Gardens

Add a Little Nature

Flowers and lavender, various herbs, and other stuff can also be used in your exit. They are natural elements that are easy to clean up, but the bonus for this type of grand exit is that they add color and scent to it. They are best for “nature” themed weddings but can be great anywhere. You can use lavender, mint, rose petals, or the petals of the flower you have adorning your bouquet. Either way, the results can be awesome for guests, you, and the photographs of your exit. 

Snow Wedding Exits
Winter Wedding at The Foundry Knoxville

A Touch of Winter

We all know that a snowy day can look magical. There is something romantic about trees with snow, church steps that glisten from freshly fallen snow, and even just watching the snowfall. You can get the same effect, even if Mother Nature has different plans. Artificial or fake snow can give the effect without the chill. All you need is a machine and a little “snow fluid”. 

If you don’t want the blower, that is okay as well. SnoWonder is a product that when mixed with water it becomes snow. This will allow your guests to grab a cup full and toss it over you as you walk down your exit path.

Unique Wedding Exits
Fall Wedding at Jackson Terminal

Cell Phones

Some venues aren’t into that whole hand-guests-fire idea at the end of a wedding day. So what substitute can provide couples with an equal exit? If you’re looking for a no-flame idea, then pull those cell phones out of your pockets! Heck, you don’t even have to leave the dance for this one.

This is a great idea if your photographer is leaving before you are done celebrating. Gather all your family and friends in a circle, and have one ah-mazing dance! Then, crank up the music and keep those booties on the dance floor.

Glow Stick Wedding Exits
Winter Downtown Wedding at The Foundry

Other Wedding Exit Options

No one should ever underestimate the power of rice, birdseed, and other traditional sendoffs. However, you have options if you still want to look for alternatives.

  • Colorful Confetti
  • Dried Leaves
  • Paper Airplanes
  • Coconut Shavings
  • Colorful Pompoms
  • Bubbles
  • Glitter
  • Mini Beach Balls

This list could go on and on. There are millions of great ideas, and each one can make your wedding exit outstandingly memorable. Not to mention, they all have the potential to provide you with magical photo ops.

Motorcycle Wedding Exit
Summer Wedding at Hiwassee River Weddings

The Get-A-Way Vehicle

We cannot talk about a grand exit without mentioning how you travel away from the venue. We suggest having a fun vehicle or motorcycle to “getaway” in, but this is not the only idea. Limousines, horse-drawn carriages, a decorated golf cart, a bride-driven or tandem bicycle, and even an elephant can be used. The getaway vehicle should be fun and tie into your wedding in some way. A lakefront wedding may include leaving in a boat. A wedding in Knoxville may include a decorated or vintage taxi.  A ski lift or sled may be a great choice if your magical day is happening in the Smoky Mountains. The options are endless, and our hope is that you consider all the fun possibilities. 

Bubble Wedding Exits
DIY Wedding at Norris Dam Tea Room

Explore All Your Options!

Each venue will likely have a list of things they allow you to use as a prop in your grand exit. For this reason, we suggest that you first speak with the venue about what they allow or what you would like to use. You will also need to consider where you are leaving from. For instance, if you are “departing” by walking down a long hallway, your guests shouldn’t use a sparkler inside the hall. Beyond that, some venues may want it to be easy to clean up, natural, etc.

You should also talk about your exit plans with your photographer. They will be the ones to capture the images and memories on film. They can get into the best position for those magical moments by giving them an idea of what you are doing. You may also discuss specific poses (a romantic kiss, a hug, having the wedding party step into your path, etc.).  

At Erin Morrison Photography, we know how special a grand exit can be. If you need wedding exit ideas or want to know what may look best for a specific time of day, we can help. All you have to do is talk to us, and we will help make your grand exit both memorable and photographable. 


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