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4 Points Farm

4 Points Farm

If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Sevierville, TN area, then consider 4 Points Farm. This gorgeous venue is conveniently located 10 or 15 minutes away from the attractions of Pigeon’s Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville. Yet, it is nestled among the beautiful rolling hills and lush green woods of the Smoky Mountains.

This romantic, peaceful location next to Bird’s Creek is the perfect setting for an intimate gathering of family and friends. The natural surroundings will make for a spectacular ceremony and a joyous reception. The perfect place for the creation of exquisite memories – as well as exceptional photo opportunities!

4 Points Farm

About the Wedding Venue

The Farm

Some eight generations of Tennesseans have called 4 Points Farm their home. Since the earliest days of the pioneers, settlers made Old Bird’s Creek their home. They raised their families and crops amidst the rugged elegance of the Smoky Mountain landscape. Even now, traces of 4 Points Farm’s history still remain in the form of vintage tractors and farming equipment, antique barns, a classic 1954 farm truck. Even a moonshine still! These vestiges of a vanished lifestyle are a wedding photographer’s dream since they are great backdrops for unique wedding photos.

The 4 Points Farm property has 10 acres of rolling pastures and woody patches in which guests are free to roam. The property includes thousands of feet of horse fencing. The calming babble of Bird’s Creek winds its way through the mountain property. An exquisite pond with a fountain of sparkling water stands as a beacon of welcome for invited guests and provides one gorgeous center-point for group pictures among many options.

To the south, you’ll be able to enjoy a clear view of the majestic, blue-tinged Smoky Mountains. To the north, there are tranquil rolling pastures that stretch forward towards the horizon.

The Barn

4 Points Farm also contains a timber-framed barn that offers a mixture of romance and rustic elegance. The custom-crafted barn has 4,000 square feet of space and is built for comfort as well as beauty. The interior is climate controlled, and can comfortably accommodate receptions in all temperatures and seasons.

The Barn can accommodate group sizes up to 199 guests (up to 170 when dinner service is included). The barn also includes handicap parking and bathroom facilities, and 53 marked parking spots for guest vehicles. For brides, a spacious lounge with full-length mirrors, a long makeup counter, and leather seating offers a sweet bonus.

Moreover, the barn provides a huge amount of design flexibility, depending on your preferred style. The following features are available to honored guests:

  • Color programmable LED lights to help you achieve the perfect color template for your special event
  • A moveable arbor for ceremonial vows, so that you and your loved one can exchange your vows just about anywhere on the property
  • A large projection system for video presentations and/or slideshows of your special memories
  • 34 log rounds to complement the rustic ambiance
  • Chandeliers for a soft, romantic glow
4 Points Farm

The Patio

Directly adjacent to the barn, there is a 2,000 square foot outdoor patio that provides the perfect space for dancing and mingling. The sliding barn doors open into this patio so that your guests will have the freedom to move in and out as they please.

Even better, all the tables, chairs, linen cloths and décor come included in a reservation at The Barn. What does this mean? It means fewer things that you and your spouse-to-be need to worry about! “Built-in” features include:

  • 1 white tablecloth for the cake table
  • 6 white tablecloths for 8 ft rectangular tables
  • 17 white tablecloths for 6 ft round tables
  • 150 foldable white wedding chairs for an outdoor ceremony
  • 5 antique tub coolers
  • An unloading area with a refrigerator and freezer
  • Many other features

The Perfect Setting for a Rustic Feel

4 Points Farm provides the perfect setting for a bride and groom that want a wedding ceremony with a rustic, “down-home” feel. The clean, aged wooden interior of The Barn will transport you to a simpler time and place. The unsurpassed natural beauty of the surrounding landscape provides a fitting counterpoint to the solemnity and joy of the occasion.

Whether you’re taking a moment to appreciate the gorgeous water fountain next to the barn, following the course of the rolling creek, or conversing with friends and loved ones beneath the soft light of a chandelier, 4 Points Farm is the memorable venue that can perfectly match your unforgettable day. To learn more, contact the 4 Points Farm staff.

4 Points Farm

Erin Morrison Photography

Personally, I love photographing a wedding in a rustic, country setting. The clear, open spaces and rolling hills make for a calming, tranquil atmosphere. And since I’m a romantic at heart, I love weddings at any venue like 4 Points Farm – venues that can evoke the life and love of settlers long past. And, at the same time conjure up images of a bright future for the happy couple.

As a wedding photographer, I take my responsibility to capture all the special moments from your special day very seriously. And as a Knoxville-based wedding photographer, I share an intense love for the hills, streams, and mountains of Tennessee. In fact, I love this area so much that I am one of the few licensed photographers permitted to take pictures in the Smokies.

My specialty is natural light, documentary-style photography. I work hard to capture the big and little moments alike: the tears of joy and belly laughs shared between old friends and the quiet moments of reflection and gratitude. If I sound like the type of photographer you’re looking for, reach out to me at Erin Morrison Photography today.


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