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New Years Wedding Inspiration

Black and Gold Wedding at Historic Marble Factory in Knoxville

Have you toyed with the idea of a black and gold wedding? If you love the idea of a gold sequin dress, popping a lot of bubbly, and throwing confetti, this wedding inspiration at Candoro Marble in Knoxville is for you. Of course, you must incorporate black and gold details and elements throughout your event. After all, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why not make it stand out?

The Perfect Color Palette

A black and gold palette for a wedding radiates timeless elegance and opulence. This color scheme is a classic and elegant theme that trends year after year. This unique color combination will give your wedding an elegant and glamorous feel. So, let’s get to wedding planning!

How to Execute a Black and Gold Wedding

Here are some ideas to help you plan a stunning black and gold wedding. The wedding decor options are endless, from strategic lighting and festive feathers to black tablecloths with gold runners. Numerous wedding accessories and decor can help you pull off this fantastic look. Read on for advice on how to pull off the black and gold wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Venue

A black and gold wedding must start at the foundation. Choose a venue like Candoro Marble or Old Woolen Mill that complements the black wedding theme. Other options include an elegant ballroom, a historic mansion, or a chic industrial space with black and gold decor is also ideal.

Wedding Decorations

Ready to choose the wedding décor for your special day? There are so many beautiful options to make a black and gold wedding stand out! But before diving in, you’ll want to determine the overall aesthetic and be mindful of gold details. Gold details can add the perfect chic or glam touch to any aesthetic. And you can go for nothing but gold details or just sprinkle in a few. It’s all up to you!

Ceremony Decorations

Planning a wedding ceremony takes consideration. There are many options, such as arbors, taper candles, hanging vines, and much more. For example, white flowers pair well against the contrast of a black wall. Or consider a glittery gold wedding arch adorned with flowy fabrics. Maybe you want your aisle lined with black taper candles, an elegant choice for stylish weddings.

Wedding Reception Ideas

Incorporate black and gold elements throughout the table decor. Use black tablecloths or table runners with gold wedding centerpieces and candle holders. How about black tapper candles with gold vases? You can add details to the chairs and table settings to elevate the overall look.

On each table, create striking centerpieces with gold candelabras or black and gold lanterns surrounded by votive candles. White floral arrangements with white or ivory flowers would work perfectly. White roses, lilies, orchids with black and gold ribbons or holders can create a bold contrast. Add black and gold confetti to your reception tables to complete the look.

Don’t forget about uplighting. One of the best reception decoration ideas comes from the venue’s ambiance. Consider using chandeliers or string lights with black shades to enhance the atmosphere. Better yet? Ask your DJ if they offer uplighting!

Wedding Signs

As you’re considering incorporating black elements into your overall décor, think about the smaller details. Small black food or dessert signs will pop better against a white tablecloth. How about black bar menus or signage? And don’t forget about making a bold statement with a large welcome sign to wow your guests.

Wedding Attire

Bride Attire

A white wedding dress will always be the traditional staple attire on a wedding day. For a captivating twist, incorporating special elements into the dress can create a stunning and unique look. Imagine a classic white wedding gown adorned with exquisite black floral appliqués delicately woven into the fabric.

To further elevate the theme, accessorize your dress with dazzling gold jewelry, such as a shimmering necklace, intricate bracelets, and elegant earrings. The combination of black and gold elements on the white canvas of your wedding dress will undoubtedly create a breathtaking ensemble.

Black Wedding Dress

Looking for a way to make your event truly unique? How about a black wedding dress? Black wedding dresses offer an unconventional approach. Departing from the traditional white, a black wedding gown exudes an air of mystery! Paired with a black and gold wedding theme, the dark hue of the fabric is a perfect canvas for showcasing gold embellishments. Intricate gold embroidery, sequins, or delicate beadwork can grace the gown. Complementing the dress with gold accessories, like a gilded headpiece or sparkling heels, further accentuates this bold look.

Make It Gold?

If you have ever wanted to wear a striking gold dress, this is the time! The radiant allure of a gold gown exudes opulence. The gold fabric, such as intricate lace gloves or sequined wedding shoes, can be adorned with black accents. To complete the look, consider accessorizing with black jewelry, such as a statement necklace with black gemstones or delicate gold earrings with black pearls.

Groom Attire

There are several striking options for groom attire for a black and gold wedding. Here are a few stylish choices to consider:

Black Tuxedo with Gold Accents: A classic black tuxedo adorned with subtle gold accents. Opt for a black tuxedo jacket and trousers, a white dress shirt, and a black bow tie. Add gold cufflinks, a pocket square, and a lapel pin for luxury.

Gold Jacket with Black Pants: Consider wearing a gold jacket or blazer with black pants for a contemporary twist. A gold brocade jacket or a metallic gold blazer can add a regal flair to the attire. Pair it with a black dress shirt, a black tie or bow tie, and black dress shoes to create an eye-catching outfit.

Gold Waistcoat with Black Suit: Another option is to wear a black suit with a gold waistcoat (vest). This combination adds a layer of dimension and visual interest to the attire. Choose a black tie and dress shoes to complete the ensemble, ensuring a polished appearance.

Black Trousers with Gold Suspenders and Bow Tie: Combine black trousers with gold suspenders and a matching bow tie for a more relaxed and charismatic vibe. This ensemble balances formal and whimsical, making it an excellent choice for a black and gold wedding with a touch of charm.

Remember, the key to achieving the perfect groom attire for a black and gold wedding is to strike a balance between the two colors. Whether you opt for a traditional tuxedo, a modern suit, or a creative fusion of elements, the goal is to showcase a personal style.

Bridal Party Attire

A black and gold wedding theme is elegant and sophisticated, and several bridal party options can complement this color scheme. Remember, the key is to balance the black and gold elements throughout the bridal party’s attire and accessories. This will create a cohesive and visually appealing look that complements the overall theme of your black and gold wedding. Here are some ideas for your bridal party attire.

For the Ladies

Your bridesmaids could wear classic black dresses with gold accessories such as jewelry, belts, and shoes. Alternatively, they could wear gold dresses with black accessories. How about a mix-and-match? You could have your bridesmaids wear a combination of black and gold dresses. Some could wear black dresses with gold accents, while others wear gold dresses with black accents.

Consider coordinating the bridesmaids’ hairstyles and makeup with the black and gold theme. Gold hairpins, combs, or hairpieces can add a subtle touch of glamour. Makeup with gold accents, like shimmery eyeshadow or gold-hued lipstick, can enhance the theme further.

Some other ideas? If the bridesmaids will carry clutches or purses, opt for designs that incorporate the black and gold color scheme. For bouquets, use black flowers or dark foliage, such as deep purple calla lilies or dark roses, which can be paired with gold ribbon.

The Gents

For the groomsmen, black suits with gold ties or bowties can be stylish. Or have the groomsmen wear gold suits with black ties or bowties for an impactful wedding party look! Encourage them to wear black or gold shoes that complement their attire.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Creating bouquets can be fun and even more interesting when trying to style one with a black and gold palette. The options are endless!

White Blooms or White Florals

Go for a bold and edgy look with white flowers and emerald-green vines. For a voluminous bouquet, weave white poppies in between a clutch of ranunculus, black calla lilies, Queen Anne’s lace, and cream-colored orchids. Tie it all together with dramatic and bold ribbons of gold and black trim for a stunning and sweet-smelling presentation.

Go for Dark and Moody

There’s also nothing quite show-stopping as bouquets filled with blooms in deep and dark shades like merlot, burgundy, and black. Dahlias, astilbe, scabiosa, ranunculus, and kangaroo paw, with a mix of eucalyptus leaves, are all perfect for adding to a bouquet or floral arrangement.


Start the wedding off right with your invitation suite. Setting the tone with luxurious black and gold-themed invitations is a great way to get your guests in the mood for your black and gold wedding. Use black cardstock with gold foil accents or intricate gold calligraphy for an opulent touch.

Carry the theme through the wedding stationery, including ceremony programs, menu cards, and place cards. Incorporate black and gold elements into the design to maintain consistency. Have a guestbook with black or gold pages for guests to leave their well wishes and messages.

Wedding Cake

Can you even call it a wedding without cake? The wedding cake can be a centerpiece of the reception. A black and gold tiered cake with elegant patterns, metallic accents, or edible gold leaf will add a touch of luxury.

Remember to balance black and gold elements to avoid overwhelming the space. With careful planning and attention to detail, your black and gold wedding will be a memorable and sophisticated celebration.

Black and Gold Wedding Inspiration at Candoro Marble

The New Year is synonymous with glitz and glam, which is exactly what we did for this styled shoot. Our base inspiration? A gold sequin dress from Rent the Runway and a vintage-glam look created by Knox Babe Tribe

The glitter didn’t stop there as gold continued through the beautiful centerpiece, bouquet, and boutonniere from Swank Floral.  Black always looks wonderful with sparkle, so we added black elements with All Occasions Party Rentals linens, black candlesticks from Swank Floral, and a traditional black suit from Prestige Tuxedo. However, we kept some things simple, like white plates from Unique Settings Rentals.

What did you think of the gold and black chest of drawers from Candoro Marble? And can we talk about this stunning natural light that this Knoxville wedding venue provides? It’s stunning. And with the help of Marvyl from Team Wedding, this beautiful space was made into a simply stunning inspiration space. Remember, there is always room for bubbly for a New Year’s wedding. Why not accessorize with escort cards made by Brittany Ivey Designs? Who wouldn’t want to arrive at a New Year’s wedding with champagne in hand? From the extra-special kiss at midnight to festive party props, New Year’s weddings come with a big excuse to party until the wee hours.

woman stands in window wearing gold wedding dress
bride in gold sequin dress holds moody wedding bouquet
brides wears black earrings and chic makeup in gold sequin dress
woman stands in front of window wearing gold wedding dress and man holds black jacket with black tie
man in black suit stands along vintage wall
man in black suit and black tie leans on wall
man swoops hand through hair while wearing black wedding suit with boutonniere
woman in gold dress holds hand with man in black suit at black and gold wedding
wedding couple photos for black and gold wedding with sequin dress and moody buquet
black and white wedding photo at New Years Wedding
man and woman hold each other in front of marble wall
bride wearing a sequin gold wedding dress stands next to man in black suit
man whispers into ear of woman wearing gold dress
moody wedding inspiration at Candora Marble in Knoxville, Tennessee
woman holding black candle stick while wearing sequined gold dress
black tapper candles with gold vases
black taper candles on wedding reception table with black confetti and white table napkins
black and gold wedding centerpiece at reception
gold and black wedding reception decorations with black taper candles and gold-rimmed glasses
black and gold wedding reception candelabras with gold sequined fabric
black and gold wedding favor ideas
gold-rimmed champagne glasses on gold trimmed plate with clear charms
man and woman hold champagne glasses and toast and kiss at black and gold wedding in Knoxville
man and woman kiss while confetti rains down from ceiling
bride and groom stand next to window at Candora Marble in Knoxville at gold and black wedding
woman holds moody wedding bouquet while wearing gold dress standing next to man in black wedding suit and black tie
man and woman walk holding hands at black and gold wedding inspiration
wedding couple photos on man in black suit and woman in gold wedding dress
woman stands behind man wearing black earrings and gold wedding dress
wedding couple photos of black and gold wedding with confetti and sequins
woman stands in alley holding lush moody wedding bouquet with gold ribbon
black and gold wedding inspiration at Historic Marble Factory in Knoxville
man and woman walk and hold hands at gold and black wedding inspiration at historic marble factory

Venue: Candoro Marble | Coordinator: Team Wedding | MUA: Knox Babe Tribe | Floral: Swank Floral Dress: Rent The Runway | Suit: Prestige Tuxedo | Rentals: All Occasion Party Rentals, Unique Settings Rentals | Calligraphy: Brittany Ivey Designs


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