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Candoro Marble

The Candoro Marble building and grounds in Knoxville, Tennessee offers elegance and affordability when it comes to intimate weddings. The site is home to the Candoro Arts and Heritage Center, which celebrates the history and culture of Eastern Tennessee. Choosing this venue for your ceremony is like stepping back in time to the early 1920s while still accessing modern-day conveniences, like a fully accessible kitchen. The low-cost rental fee allows you better flexibility with your funds, all while still providing an intimate setting full of charm and natural beauty.


The historic Candoro Marble Works was, at one time, the largest producer of Tennessee Pink Marble in the United States. The company’s main showroom and office building were built in 1923 and designed by famous architect Charles Barber in the architectural style known as Beaux-Arts. The exterior of the building features carved marble by sculptor Albert Milani. The building is now part of the Candoro Arts and Heritage Center and is used as an event center and museum, honoring the legacy of “Marble City.”

Tennessee Pink Marble is famous throughout the world. Visitors can learn more about the industry and see examples of it in local architecture by taking a self-guided tour of the Pink Marble Trail. The trail is a great way to explore Knoxville—free brochures are available at the Knoxville Welcome Center.

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The Candoro Marble building is a unique venue that offers character and elegance. This historic structure is available for weddings and includes the following features:

  • 2,000 square feet of space
  • Use of kitchen facilities
  • An attached carriage house, providing an additional 800 square feet of space
  • String lights adorn the carriage house, making it the ideal setting for a romantic reception
  • One acre of flat, grassy lawn lined with Italian Cypress trees
  • Lawn space to accommodate a tent

Wedding packages include tables and chairs for up to 100 guests and use of the venue for the entire day. The building currently rents for $1,200 a day and best accommodates 150 or fewer guests. A security deposit of $150 is due in advance and is returned once the building is inspected after the event. An event insurance policy is required for weddings held at the Candoro Marble building. Event policies cost approximately $100 and in some cases, can be added to your homeowner’s insurance. Proof of your event policy must be provided in advance of your wedding. Additionally, for weddings with more than 40 guests, renters must provide portable outdoor restrooms. The building is available for rental Monday-Saturday.


The average cost of a wedding in the United States is more $25,000. This statistic places the current rate of $1,200 to rent the Candoro Marble building in perspective. While there are additional costs such as catering, event insurance, and portable outdoor restrooms, the costs have a long way to go to reach the national average.

The inclusion of tables and chairs, along with the kitchen accessibility make the Candoro Marble building a great value among Eastern Tennessee wedding venues.

The Setting

The majestic and historic Candoro Marble building, with its architectural style and carved marble, is an impressive site. The ambiance of the 1920 era in which it was built radiates as you walk through the main door. The outdoor lawn space, lined with Italian Cypress trees, is often the setting of choice for the ceremony while the carriage house is an attractive location for the reception.

This venue presents many opportunities for capturing amazing wedding photographs that you’ll cherish for years to come. The lawn is a peaceful and calming place to start your forever. The Italian Cypress trees make for a beautiful and natural backdrop when it comes to photography. The festive lights of the carriage house set a celebratory ambiance that is both romantic and charming. Within the dim glow of the lights is where I capture the true emotions among family and friends as they celebrate your special day.

The setting is grand and historic; elegant and chic. It’s a part of Knoxville yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a standing monument to Tennessee’s pink marble industry and the efforts to preserve Eastern Tennessee history. And, it is a venue like no other when it comes to weddings in the Knoxville area.

Erin Morrison Photography

I’m a professional wedding photographer based in Knoxville. This region is my home and I take great pride in historic venues that represent Knoxville’s history, and that provide a place for couples to start their future together. Little did employees of Candoro Marble know that one day, the building and grounds would host weddings and celebrations of love.

There is something remotely romantic about pink marble, in the sense that it is simply beautiful. The natural beauty of the stone and the surrounding lawn, create a beautiful setting for great wedding photographs.

My style is natural light, and documentary photography. My approach is to get to know couples as individuals using that knowledge to capture the true representation of them in their photographs. The lingering looks, the special touches, and the spark that resulted in this day, and this moment, is what I like best about what I do.

I always feel honored when selected by a couple as their wedding photographer. Being a part of your special day is no small matter to me and I take my job very seriously. Chances are, you won’t even know I’m around, which is the best way for me to obtain the best moments of your special day. Focusing on the love of your life and not the camera works best for me. It allows those spontaneous moments to naturally develop, resulting in unplanned and natural photographs.

If the Candoro Marble building and grounds in Knoxville sound like an intriguing location for your ceremony, let’s chat. The sooner we chat about your plans and my services, the sooner I can get to know you ahead of the ceremony. For more information about me, my style, and my availability contact me today.


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