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How To Get The Most Out of Your Photography Mini-Session

How To Make The Most Out of Your Photography Mini-Session

Photography is an amazing industry, and being a Knoxville photographer is amazing as well. This industry is flexible to the needs and circumstances of the client. While most people know that they can hire a photographer to attend a wedding or event, not everyone knows how useful mini-sessions can be for other photography needs. Want to get a holiday family photo, a set of graduation shots, or memorialize a special moment? A mini-session can fit these needs.

Today, I’d like to help you get the most out of your mini-session by outlining what to expect and how to prepare for exactly the photography results you’re looking for.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Photography Mini-Session
Mini-Session at The Bleak House

What are Mini-Sessions?

A mini-session with Erin Morrison Photography is a 30-minute block of time with 25-minutes or photography with 5-minutes of hellos and goodbyes. The date, location, and available times are chosen by the photographer. Mini-sessions are also back-to-back with the mini-sessions of other families. So, there’s not a cocktail hour with your photographer before and after, and not as much time for wardrobe changes during the shoot.

Mini sessions are also more limited than a regular photography booking. They are paid in advance, non-refundable, and a limited number of photos can be taken (and provided) during a session.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Photography Mini-Session
Mini-Session at Maple Grove Estate

The Benefits of Mini-Session Photography: Why Book This Way?

Fit Photography Into Your Busy Schedule

Mini-sessions are a great opportunity to commemorate a special event in your life or to update your family photos. Many families need to fit professional photography into a tight schedule of work, school, and other activities. Booking a mini-session makes that possible.

Short Sessions are Best for Young Children

It’s important to capture the magical moments of childhood with family photos, but children also typically have shorter attention spans for photoshoots. Mini-sessions are great for kids. Children can focus on keeping their clothes nice and not wiggling too much for about half an hour, which is exactly the time a mini session lasts. With a few silly snaps to make it fun, younger children benefit from these short, efficient sessions.

Beautiful Pictures at an Affordable Price

Exclusive photoshoots have a price to match. When you meet the photographer for a mini-session, however, the price is generally less expensive. Mini-sessions make it quick and affordable to celebrate special events, prepare photos for jobs and public announcements, and keep your family photos up to date.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Photography Mini-Session
Mini-Session at The Knoxville Botanical Gardens

What Should You Know About Mini-Sessions Before Booking?

How can you make the most of your mini session? Here are a few things you should know about a successful photography mini session before you book your time slot and prepare your outfit.

Arriving On-Time is Key

The most successful mini-sessions are for those you are on time for. There is a specific block of time for scheduling. Arriving on time make sure that you get the most out of your booked time with the photographer. Aim to arrive a little early and I’ll have you smiling in no time.

The Session will be Fast-Paced

Be prepared for a bit of a fast pace. The more people and poses you want in the session, the faster we’ll need to go. The photographer will help you through the changes in angle, pose, and expression.

Each Mini Session is Limited to One Outfit

There isn’t time for wardrobe changes in a mini session. You can take a jacket on and off, or try out your dress with a shawl. However, there will be no dressing-room time and no major wardrobe changes during a mini-session. This ensures no shoots go over time and you get plenty of excellent shots.

Bring Everything You Need and Have Your Shoot Pre-Planned

For best results, wear the outfit you want to shoot into your mini-session and bring any simple props you might want to include. Simple props might be an umbrella, a toy, or your graduation diploma. However, there won’t be time to set up complex props or staging such as cake-smashing.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Photography Mini-Session
Mini-Session at The Bleak House

Is a Photography Mini-Session Right for You?

Who can benefit most from a mini-session? Check your needs against best practices to determine if booking a mini-session is the best way to fulfill your photography requirements.

Can You Easily Make Your Time-Slot On-Time?

Mini sessions work best for individuals and groups that can arrive on time or early for their photoshoot. If you may have difficulty arriving on time, you may need to book a longer photography session.

Do You Have a Large or Limited Group to Photograph?

Smaller groups are ideal for mini-sessions, as it can take time to wrangle large groups into a quick set of photographs. Nuclear families, close friend groups, and individuals get the best results.

Do You Need Extra Setup Time for Your Desired Photos?

If you want to do something special, like a cake smash, consider booking a longer photography session. Mini-sessions can include props, but nothing that requires pre-setup, stage setting, or cleanup.

Can Your Children Handle 30 Minutes of Focus?

Most children can handle a 25-minute session and, in fact, fare better with mini sessions than longer and more personalized shoots. But if your child needs extra time and attention to sit still, a mini-session might be too fast-paced for their needs. Talk to the photographer to see what works best for your needs

Do You Need Weather-Specific Shots?

Finally, mini-sessions usually occur rain-or-shine. If you want specific weather conditions, you’ll have to make more flexible plans with the photographer.

FAQs About Mini-Sessions

Mini sessions can help you get beautiful professional photographs at an affordable price and neatly fit the session into your busy schedule. If you need a few excellent shots in one outfit for family photos or a special occasion, a mini session can be the perfect solution to your photography needs. If you have more personalized photography needs, let me know and we’ll make it happen through a different type of schedule.

What is the cost of a mini-session?

Mini-sessions can range in cost from $250-$350, depending on the date and the location.

When do we receive our photos?

Photographs are delivered four (4) to six (6) weeks after the session. 

How do we receive our photos?

All images are uploaded to an online gallery with one year of cloud storage.

How many photos will we receive?

The photographer guarantees a minimum of 30 hi-resolution images.

What should we wear?

Whatever makes you comfortable! Choose outfits that also fit the theme of the location and season. For more information on what to wear, please click HERE.

How many outfits can we have?

Mini-sessions are limited to one outfit change. Consider layering your clothes for different outfit options.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Photography Mini-Session
Mini-Session at Maple Grove Estate

Ready to Book at Mini-Session with Erin Morrison Photography?

Erin Morrison Photography provides countless opportunities throughout the year to book a mini-session. To see the current offerings, and to book a session, please visit the Mini-Session Page.


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