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The Benefits of Having Two Photographers on Your Wedding Day

The Benefits of Having Two Photographers on Your Wedding Day

Throughout the wedding planning process, you’ve made many hard decisions. I’m here to tell you that having a second photographer on your wedding day is not a hard decision. On your big day, every moment is special, and I want to document it to the absolute best of my ability. Part of my ability comes from the help and support of my amazing second shooters. So, on a wedding day, you will get two talented photographers.

While hiring a second photographer may seem like an added expense, the benefits outways the cost. And I would say it is a cost well spent. Hiring a second photographer can be a cost-effective way of getting more wedding day coverage without breaking the budget. I can provide additional coverage with a second photographer without charging you for more hours. And that is why I include a second wedding photographer for my packages. Let’s chat about the benefits and why second shooters are important to my business and important for your wedding photography.

Venue: The Standard Knoxville

What is a Second Photographer?

A second photographer, also known as a second shooter or assistant photographer, is an additional photographer hired by the primary wedding photographer (AKA me!) to assist in various aspects of a wedding day.

The Job of a Second Photographer

Their role is to provide additional support to me and add photography coverage. They work alongside me to capture different angles and viewpoints, help with lighting, and document candid moments. Having a second photographer is especially helpful for larger weddings. This is true for several reasons, such as multiple locations, large wedding parties, or events happening simultaneously. This is also true for couples who want extensive coverage of their day.

Some common responsibilities of a second photographer include capturing different angles and perspectives, assisting with lighting, carrying additional gear or equipment, and photographing simultaneous events happening during the wedding day, such as cocktail hour and differing parts of the reception.

Venue: The Quarry Venue

A Second Wedding Photographer Helps Me

Being a wedding photographer is a difficult, high-pressure, physical job. A wedding day is typically long and eventful, lasting 8 to 12 hours. I carry heavy equipment, climb stairs, and walk miles. I constantly move around on a wedding day in weather that can be anything from hot, humid temperatures to rainy and windy. Having a friend, confidant, and amazing human being standing next to me is, quite frankly, just freaking helpful.

They’re My Friend

As I said earlier, my second shooters are my friend. They understand me, my personality, and my working style. They are good people and true professionals. Their interactions with the couple and guests, ensure that the wedding day runs smoothly and everyone has a good time.

Sounding Board

I think out loud. I like to bounce ideas off their brain when my brain is full. They have worked with me for years, have the necessary expertise and experience, and understand how to work as a team. As talented photographers, I rely on them.

Professional Accomplice

They can also anticipate my needs and requirements and ensure I’m covered in every scenario. They help me with unexpected situations and equipment issues like battery or lens failure. They also add an extra hand to grab a forgotten bridesmaids bouquet, pin on a tricky boutonnière, or snag that stray family member that wandered off to the bar before formal pictures.

A Clone of Me

I wish I could be at all places at once on a wedding day, but alas, I am too poor for a clone. A second photographer allows “me” to cover two different areas simultaneously if a venue is large or if events happen simultaneously. For example, when we arrive on a wedding day, one photographer will start on details photos (invitations, rings, shoes, veil, and wedding dress), and the other will photograph the finishing touches of hair and makeup.

Faster Process

With two hands on deck, sections of the timeline can run faster. While I am taking formal family photos, my second shooter can line up the next group shot. At cocktail hour, a second shooter can take candid photos while I take photos of all your amazing reception details. This allows you to enjoy cocktail hour with your guests and start your reception on time.

The Backup

I have never missed a wedding day in my decade of photography. Never. But, extreme circumstances due exist. Photographers are human, and we get sick and injured. Having a second photographer on speed dial means someone from Erin Morrison Photography will be there for your big moments.

They also back up my photography. Just imagine wedding ceremony shots. While I am photographing the groom, my second photographer is capturing the bride’s walk down the aisle. While photographing the wedding party’s exit, my second photographer is walking behind you, taking those “just married” photos.

bride walking down aisle with father while groom awaits her
Venue: The Magnolia Venue

A Second Wedding Photographer Helps You

When a second shooter helps me, they are also helping you and your wedding gallery. Hiring a second photographer enhances your gallery by providing more, unique, and candid photos. More photographers equal more images. Period.

Get images shot from different angles

While I am focused on capturing the key moments of the wedding day, my second photographer can take a different perspective and provide additional coverage, capturing moments that might otherwise be missed.

For example, I may be focused on capturing images of the couple from the front of the aisle. Meanwhile, the second photographer can capture candid moments of guests and family members during the ceremony. Nothing is better than capturing a mother’s face as a bride or groom walks down the aisle.

Similarly, during the wedding reception, I may be focused on capturing the couple during the first dance, speeches, and other key moments. Meanwhile, the second photographer can capture guests laughing and enjoying memorable moments.

More Dance Floor Magic

Every bride and groom needs good blackmail photos. With two wedding photographers on a dance floor, the likelihood of capturing your wedding party cutting up a rug, or your mom and dad dancing to the Wobble increase dramatically.

Great Shots

Having a second photographer at a wedding can add creativity and diversity to the final gallery of images by bringing their unique vision and perspective to the shoot. Remember when I talked about bouncing ideas off? While I have a particular style or approach to capturing images, my second photographers bring their style and creative ideas. This results in a more dynamic and diverse set of images for your album that are truly Pinterest-worthy.

first look between bride and bride on wedding day
Venue: Relix Variety Theatre

Erin Morrison Photography

I would love to be a part of your special moments — from the groom’s reaction, and father-daughter dance to the family formals. As the main photographer for your wedding, I can ensure you that your wedding day story will be captured.

Having one talented photographer at your wedding is great. Having two photographers is even better! Contact me today to talk about your wedding photography, and in the meantime, feel free to check out my portfolios! I look forward to hearing from you and planning your dream wedding!


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