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Earthy Autumnal Wedding at Marble Quarry with Impressive Floral Details

Earthy Autumnal Wedding at Marble Quarry with Impressive Floral Details

Fall weddings are the best, and you’ll understand why after reading this piece. Besides the cool weather that allows you to play around with the outfits, decor, color palettes, and so much more, I can perfectly record all these memories for you and your future generations. Terrie and Chris had their autumnal wedding, and I documented every step till the end. Read about it below then you’ll understand why I am calling fall a merry season. 

Autumnal Wedding Color Palette 

Their choice of color palette was epic. Some burnt orange, rosewood, cream, gray and blues, light orange, whites, and creams were perfect combinations to lift the mood. All the colors were generously spread out on the maids’ and groomsmen’s outfits, decor, and cake as well as guests. So I can only conclude that the secret to livening up fall weddings is blending in all the right colors. 

The Festive Mood 

If the bride and groom are charming and vibrant, then you can bet the wedding will be one for the record. Terrie and Chris understood the assignment, and the smiles they wore all day could tell it all. You can see the energy even in their parents. From Terrie’s dad walking her down the aisle to the first dad-daughter dance, it’s undeniably incredible. 

There was no room to entertain the fall season weather. If nobody mentions the season, you can easily confuse this wedding for a summer wedding. Well, the secret is in blending the perfect mood and the correct color palette. 

The Epic Wedding Decor 

Besides the mood, what’s a wedding without some fancy and elegant decor setup, whether simple or flashy? The decor contributes greatly to the day’s mood, and Rose Moss doesn’t play with her job. The bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets reflected everything elegant, a perfect blend of all the warm earthy fall tones to match the color palette. Not forgetting all the flowers spread across all corners of the venue with a touch of some cream pampas grass, epic! Hydrangeas, roses, mums, and carnations were also used to give a textured look. Anna’s hands are magic, and her level of creativity with the flowers is unmatched. 

Secondly, the reception decor is also one we cannot bypass. The simplistic decor with brown seats and cream table covers allowed more focus on all colors present. You can easily spot the flower bouquets present in the room and see everything happening in the enclosed room. That way, it’s easier to get in the mood without any distractions. 

Every Outfit Spoke Volumes 

From accessories to shoes, everything blended so well. You can tell everyone took the time to prepare for the big day. The bride’s gown was to die for. The straight white gown with lace and a short trail showcased her well-toned body, making her the center of attraction throughout the day. Her bouquet complimented her look and took the outfit to another level. 

On the other hand, the maids had a perfect combination of light orange and burnt orange gowns, perfect for this autumnal wedding. You can easily feel the warmth their presence brought from the colors and the smiles they wore all day long. 

Well, the groom’s men did not disappoint either. The navy blue suits and white shirts blended so well with the ladies burnt orange gowns. Not forgetting the few grays from the couple’s dads added to the elegance. 

There was also a bit of rosewood in the couple’s mother’s attire and a bit of navy blue, all blending so well with the theme. Not to mention their guests’ game on the outfit and how everyone accessorized their outfits, it’s all evident in the post-ceremony photo session with the couple and guests. The blend was just perfect.  

The Autumnal Wedding Cake 

The baker understood their part of the assignment. A white naked cake gave fall vibes and served elegance and deliciousness. Also, being a three-tier, you can bet every guest had a taste of the delicacy. Other small pieces were decorated to match the day’s color palette, and the whole cake setup was classic. 

Also, before we forget, all the tablecloths matched the cream-white on the cake, and the naked brown parts of the cake matched the brown on the seats. These color combinations set the mood and make history with the couple. 

The Marble Quarry Venue Laced It All 

The family-owned historic venue offers outdoor and indoor spots for all events, and Terrie and Chris went for both. This couple was ready to go the extra mile from how the day was organized. They exchanged their vows at the Quarry’s most elegant spot, the Canyon, and later had the reception at the Carrara, an industrial steel building within the Quarry. 

The Canyon made it so easy to decorate and set up, with the natural walkway leading to the large patio. Its towering rocks also gave an intimate feel suitable for the day, which made it easy to set up and design an arbor. Ross Moss Designs did an amazing job with the flowers and pampas grass to decorate the runway and arbor beside the rocks. 

The creamy steel building filled with brown seats set in large dining sets for the reception made it an amazing set-up for interactions. The big room had enough space to serve as a ballroom, which made it so easy for the couple and their guests to dance their souls out. Nobody was ready to miss out, from children to their parents; everyone took to the dance floor and busted all their energies to the day’s band music. 

I can conclude that The Quarry is a perfect choice for any wedding season, but the earthy tones present served great for a fall wedding. 

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It doesn’t matter what time of the year your wedding is. The best way to enjoy your day is through proper planning and coordination, plus choosing a color palette that compliments your day. Remember, weddings are a remarkable part of a couple’s life, so doing everything that creates perfect memories is the number one choice. While at it, ensure you get a reliable photographer to capture all your day’s memories. If your wedding is around Knoxville, Tennessee, you can depend on us to record the amazing milestone. Contact me today!

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dusty blue and white wedding details
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Earthy Autumnal Wedding at Marble Quarry with Impressive Floral Details
fun wedding party photos in Knoxville
fun wedding party photos at The Quarry Venue in Knoxville
Earthy Autumnal Wedding at Marble Quarry with Impressive Floral Details
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autumnal wedding reception decorations with lush flowers and pampas grass decorations
The Quarry Venue in Knoxville, Tennessee
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bride and groom stand in front of boho circle ceremony arbor at autumnal wedding
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fun reception dancing photos at The Quarry
fun reception dancing photos at The Quarry
fun reception dancing photos at The Quarry
fun reception dancing photos at The Quarry
fun reception dancing photos at The Quarry
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Photographer: Erin Morrison Photography

Second Photographer: Matthew and Brittany Photo

Venue: The Quarry Venue

Florals: Rose Moss Designs

HMUA: Tori Stewart Jackson

Catering: Holly’s Gourmet Market

Videographer: Evergreen Film Co

Cake: RLong Cupcake

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Bartending: The Pour Guys


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