Fall Colors in the Smokies

Fall Colors in the Smokies: A Brilliant Setting for Weddings, Elopements, and Engagements

Come along and take this photographic tour of the fall colors in the Smokies. The brilliant colors and amazing natural beauty deep within the mountains make this a breathtaking location. As a permitted Smoky Mountain Photographer, I am blessed with opportunities to photograph weddings and elopements here every fall. The month of October is an especially nice wedding month. If you are interested in getting wedding, elopement, or engagement photos among the fall colors in the Smokies, then keep reading! I’ll show you my favorite stunning location and the changing colors as the season progresses.

Fall Colors in The Great Smoky Mountains

Elkmont in the Smokies

Within the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is Elkmont, Tennessee. This mountain town in the Little River Valley used to be a pioneer community and is now home to a campground and historic district. Two of the restored structures in the historic district provide an excellent venue for intimate weddings or elopements.

Spence Cabin

This peaceful cabin in the mountains is situated perfectly for a small, romantic wedding. It features a 432 square-foot room with a gas fireplace plus four smaller rooms. Spence Cabin provides enough space for 40 guests. There is no air conditioning or heating, but there are ceiling fans and a fireplace to keep the space comfortably heated. Renting the cabin for the day includes the use of folding chairs, four round tables, eight rectangular tables, and six rocking chairs. There are two restrooms in the cabin and parking available nearby.

While the cabin itself is moody and rustic with dim cabin lighting, the magnificent outdoors surrounding it can be easily enjoyed. A screened-in porch faces the Little River, and a stone patio gives you an even better view of the river. A stone patio is a perfect place for an outdoor ceremony. I love the fabulous photo ops everywhere you look in and around Spence Cabin. It’s truly a beautiful, peaceful, nature-filled setting to say your wedding vows.

Take a look at this elopement held at Spence Cabin. Really, really spectacular and memorable!

Appalachian Clubhouse

The Appalachian Clubhouse was established in 1910 as a gathering spot for people who lived nearby in cabins and formed the Appalachian Club. It has been restored and is now available for rental on a daily basis. With a large meeting hall and large stone fireplaces at each end, the Clubhouse can accommodate a group of 96 people. Guests can enjoy the large covered porch with its row of rocking chairs.

The indoor options of both the Appalachian Clubhouse and the Spence Cabin make Elkmont, Tennessee an excellent choice for a fall wedding or elopement.

Fall Colors in the Smoky Mountains

Fall Colors, Week by Week

Fall colors in the Smokies flies by so quickly. Part of the charm of an October wedding in the Smoky Mountains is its transient beauty. For the moment that you are there, together with your loved one, you feel like you’re in a rare setting. You’ll never experience it quite the same, ever again. To keep the memories safe, hire a wedding photographer who knows this part of Elkmont. I have experience here, and I can capture your special, once-in-a-lifetime day with professional quality photographs that you’ll treasure forever. 

First Week of October (1st-8th)

Although technically in the fall season, the trees in the Smokies are still sporting their summer greens. At any time in October in the Great Smoky Mountains, you may find yourself in the cool mountain air, dipping down into the 30s during the evenings.  Warmer temps, such as in the 70s and 60s, are also a definite possibility.

Fall Elopement in the Smokies

Second Week of October (9th-16th)

As the month rolls into the second week, expect the colors to start popping at the top of the trees. Lovely oranges, yellows, and some reds contrast prettily with the greens that are still in the lower parts of the trees.

Spence Cabin Wedding in the Fall

Third Week of October (17th-24th)

Watch as fall colors in the Smokies grow brighter in the third week of October. The vibrant yellows and oranges set the entire mountains on fire with their glory. You can really see why couples choose to declare their love to each other in all this brilliance.

Destination Wedding in the Smokies

Fourth Week of October (25th-Nov1)

Now we’re at peak color in the Smokies. With many of the leaves fallen on the ground, and a rich array of color still on the trees, this is a week of heaven on earth. As one of a handful of licensed photographers permitted to take photographs in the Smokies, I feel a great honor and a responsibility to portray this time of year as it truly is. Much of the fall color around us is deeper than the week before. The colors lean towards deep oranges and reds. Rusts and crimsons and caramel colors surround us. What a gorgeous setting for a celebration of love! 

Fall Elopement at Elkmont in the Smokies

As you can see from the photos above, the colors range widely throughout the month of October. Each week has its special moods. When the sun is shining during peak color, then the mountains are on fire with brilliant colors! On a cloud-covered day in October, you can feel the moody mountain mysteries all around you. It makes for magical moments, especially when combined with the solemnity of your vows to each other.

Why Hire Erin Morrison Photography for Your Fall Wedding in the Smokies?

It’s your amazing day, and I want to capture the light in your eyes, the lovely expressions on your faces, and the way nature matches your beauty. I adore the Great Smoky Mountains! I adore this place so much that I dedicate a large portion of my photography career to shooting weddings, elopements, and engagements in the mountains. It is my privilege to be licensed to photograph inside the Great Smoky National Park. If you desire a wedding in fall, or any season, in the Smokies, I will be honored to accompany you.

For more wedding photos and a better feel for my distinctive photography style, please check out my portfolio. Every wedding I’ve ever been to in the Great Smoky Mountains during the fall has been amazing and unique. I know yours will be perfect, too.

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