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Spence Cabin Watercolor Map

Elegant A4 Watercolor Semi-Editable Canva Template

Elegant Watercolor Spence Cabin Directions

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Make the journey to your dream venue a breeze with our beautifully crafted A4 Wedding Directions Semi-Editable Canva Template. Designed with love and attention to detail, this template will add a touch of magic to your wedding planning process.




-Whimsical Design: Immerse your guests in the enchanting beauty of the Smoky Mountains with our whimsical and nature-inspired design. It is the perfect blend of elegance and rustic charm.


-Easy Customization: The template is semi-editable, allowing you to personalize details like font, font color, and font size. Effortlessly make it yours and match it to your wedding theme.


- Directions: Provide your guests with visually appealing directions to Spence Cabin. No one will get lost on the way to your magical celebration!


-Timeless Clipart: Discover timeless and romantic clipart that complements the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains. These elements are fixed in color, but you can move, resize, add, or delete these elements to customize the editable parts to reflect your unique style.


Printable or Digital: Choose your preferred format! Whether you want to print charming physical copies or share the directions digitally, this template caters to your needs. Save as a PDF, PNG, JPG or more!

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the semi-editable A4 Canva Template


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GSMNP Wedding & Elopement Guide

Getting married in the Smokies is just as convenient, and my Smoky Mountain Wedding and Elopement Guide will help you on your journey! This 36-page digital download is chock-full of tips, information, and advice. This wedding and elopement guide will detail the Special Use Permit process, provide helpful hyperlinks to important information, aid you in understanding the reservation process for the ever-popular Spence Cabin and the Appalachian Clubhouse, and share with you how to obtain your parking permits. And there is so much more!

*updated January 2024*



Wedding & Elopement Guide for the Smokies

Get Married at Spence

Spence Cabin

Spence Cabin in Historic Elkmont

Tucked away in a scenic spot, Spence Cabin is the ultimate gem for lovebirds looking for a unique and serene celebration. Surrounded by nature's beauty, this place has a calm and relaxed vibe, turning any ceremony into a romantic spectacle. Picture saying your "I dos" with rustling leaves and a flowing river providing the perfect backdrop music. The minute you step onto the grounds, you'll get it – Spence Cabin isn't just a venue; it's a full-on nature party, inviting you and your family and friends to soak in the beauty and create memories that'll be with you forever.


However, with its remote charm comes some complexity. Getting there is a bit of an adventure, and to add to the fun, there's no reliable cell service inside The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So, while Spence Cabin is all about that off-the-grid charm, it does make things a tad tricky when it comes to finding it.


But hey! No worries! I've whipped up a beautiful Canva template to ensure guests can navigate to your love-filled shindig without a hitch. Simplify your guests' journey by providing them with a printed or online version tailored for your event. This template is designed to provide your guests with a simple edition of the directions to
Spence Cabin. Feel free to customize the template to your specifications.


Ensure that your special day is filled with joy, not navigational challenges, by offering your loved ones a hassle-free guide to the stunning Spence Cabin. Download my template now and let the beauty of your love story unfold seamlessly in this idyllic setting.


Looking for more help along the way? As a Smoky Mountain Wedding and Elopement Photographer, I have photographed hundreds of nuptials in the most visited National Park in the Nation. I have created a multi-page wedding and elopement guide for couples looking to get married in the Smokies. Make sure to snag your guide today, and simplify your planning process.


the semi-editable A4 Canva Template


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