Smokies Elopement at Spence Cabin

Planning Your Elopement in the Great Smoky Mountains

When you picture your perfect wedding, what does it look like? For many people, that perfect wedding isn’t an elaborate affair with everyone they know. Instead, it looks like you, your spouse, and maybe a witness or two in The Great Smoky Mountains. The perfect combination for a peaceful day that lets you focus on the special person who means the most to you. A Great Smoky Mountains Elopement is a great way to get the focus off of the guest list. And instead, onto that perfect moment with your future spouse.

What is an Elopement?

When you elope, you skip many of the elaborate wedding plans and choose instead to slip away for a private ceremony. In some cases, you may bring along a couple of friends or family members. In others, you may choose to keep this moment private, between you and your spouse. Your elopement can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Some brides choose to wear a fancy white dress as they stand before a judge or minister with their spouse. Other couples may prefer to get married in a favorite dress or even in jeans and a pair of hiking boots!

Why Choose to Elope?

For many couples, the decision to elope is a practical one. The cost of a church wedding and reception that includes all their friends and family members starts adding up! For others, it’s a desire for control. Wedding planning will mean involving mothers, sisters, and friends who all have their own unique view of what the wedding should look like. A view that doesn’t add up with what the couple wants.

Still, others prefer the simplicity of eloping. Why? Because they’ll be able to take a private moment with their spouse and focus on each other. Rather than having to deal with all the details that go into planning that special day. Whatever your reason for considering eloping, it’s sure to create precious memories that you and your spouse will look back on for the rest of your lives.

Approved Ceremony Locations

The Great Smoky Mountains offer many incredible approved locations for couples who are planning to elope inside it’s borders. You’ll also need to fill out an application and make sure that it’s received at least 14 days before your wedding. No last-minute elopements if you’re planning on getting married in the park itself!

While there are plenty of locations available inside the boundaries, you may need other options in the Gatlinburg, Townsend, or Pigeon Forge area for a more elaborate wedding.

Try out Spence Cabin

Spence Cabin, which is located in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is the perfect location for a small, private wedding. Spence Cabin is the only approved wedding or elopement location in the Smokies that is easily accessible. It comes with multiple rooms for use, such as a kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.

Take advantage of the great outdoors

There is a wide range of beautiful outdoor locations throughout the mountains that will be perfect for a wedding. Especially if you and your spouse love the great outdoors and have made it part of your relationship leading up to your wedding. Consider getting married in front of a large, mature tree or at a beautiful spot overlooking the beauty of the Little River.

Choose a historic church

There is a wide range of historic churches located throughout Cades Cove where you can seal your vows with a small selection of guests. Examine the Primitive Baptist Church, try out Cades Cove Methodist Church, or research the history of Missionary Baptist Church. All are within the Cades Cove loop overlooking the beauty of the mountains.

Get the Smoky Mountain Elopement Checklist

Interested in a Smoky Mountain Elopement? I’ve been an elopement photographer for over four years and know a thing or two about photography in The Great Smoky Mountains. I’ve compiled a small PDF that you can download for FREE to help you on your adventure.

Bride and Groom walking across log at elopement in mountains
View this Elkmont Elopement

Capturing Your Wedding

The fact that you’re eloping doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the gorgeous photos of your wedding for years to come! What could be more romantic than picturesque landscapes throughout the mountains? Gorgeous backdrops in the spring, summer, and fall, or the stark, beautiful promise of winter will all help you create stunning pictures.

At Erin Morrison Photography, you can get an amazing elopement wedding package Monday through Friday that will allow you to capture some of those gorgeous pictures of you and your spouse. Imagine:

  • Beautiful outdoor photos of you and your spouse in front of your chosen location
  • Stunning pictures of your first kiss, your wedding vows, and other important moments
  • Amazing scenery that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives together

Smoky Mountain Elopement Packages

Whether you love the mountains, forests, waterfalls, or rivers, the Smoky Mountains have it all. You can’t go wrong with any approved wedding locations by the National Park.

  • PRICING: Starting at $1500 for 3 Hours of Photography. Looking for something more? Contact me for a personalized package.
  • GUIDES AND RESOURCES: The Smoky Mountains are a home away from home. Planning assistance, custom timelines, and vendor referrals are available. We also work with amazing planners and stylists to make your elopement inspiration come to life!
  • PERSONAL PRINTING RIGHTS: Your photos are your photos. We don’t make you pay extra to get them.
  • HI-RESOLUTION IMAGES: You will receive edited, full-resolution photos.
  • ONLINE, PASSWORD-PROTECTED GALLERY:  Your photos come on an online gallery for downloading, viewing, and sharing!
Elopement ceremony at LeQuire Cemetery Overlook
View this Lequire Overlook Elopement

Visit The Smokies

Don’t take my word for it! Come to Tennessee if you are considering planning your elopement in The Great Smoky Mountains. Stay in one of the hotels, cabins, and Airbnbs that surround the beautiful wedding location. There is a huge selection! You can find all sorts of adventure travel locations and romantic hideaways in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Wears Valley, Sevierville, and Townsend, Tennessee.

Contact Erin Morrison Photography

You’ll always want to look back and remember your wedding day. And when you do, having those pictures will help you remember all the details. Not only that, but a gorgeous photo album filled with your beautiful wedding pictures is also an amazing way to look back.

If you’re planning to elope, the Great Smoky Mountains is a wonderful place to create the wedding of your dreams. You are able to say your vows with your spouse in a gorgeous, picturesque location. You will also have an amazing honeymoon opportunity right at your doorstep. Find a cabin where the two of you can cuddle up for a few days or spend your time off exploring Gatlinburg. The possibilities are endless as you start your life together!

Erin Morrison Photography is a licensed professional photographer. I am also one of the few photographers legally permitted to photograph in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Make sure that you view my Smokies Portfolio, and please contact me today to get started!

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Planning Your Elopement in the Great Smoky Mountains

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