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The Appalachian Clubhouse Wedding Venue in the Smokies

If you want a unique and unforgettable indoor wedding experience, the Appalachian Clubhouse wedding venue in The Great Smoky Mountains is the place to go. Nestled in the beautiful Elkmont Historic District of the Great Smoky Mountains, this wedding venue and event center exudes a rustic charm and modern elegance. From its spacious event spaces to picturesque outdoor areas, the clubhouse offers an impressive venue for you and your guests.

About the Appalachian Clubhouse

Constructed in 1934, the Appalachian Clubhouse was renovated by the National Park Service to restore its 1930’s appearance. The renovation turned the building into a unique and memorable venue destination for any event. During the restoration, the park service added modern amenities, like running water and electricity.

Originally the clubhouse served as a gathering spot for lessees and guests of the Appalachian Club. The clubhouse users, mainly from Knoxville, also built rustic cabins nearby. These cabins to served as weekend or summer retreats before the creation of the National Park. Some of the cabins, such as Spence Cabin, remain. Many couples frequently reserve Spence Cabin for their ceremony and use the Appalachian Clubhouse as a reception hall.

Appalachian Clubhouse in Historic Elkmont

The Setting

The historic structure sits on a 3,000-square-foot space, making it spacious enough to hold meetings, events, and other celebrations. It has exposed wooden beams and massive stone fireplaces at each end and is equipped with gas logs. All of these features add to the historic venue’s charm.

Features Include:

  • Meeting Hall: It features a 60′ x 25′ open meeting hall with French doors that open onto a brad. A roofed porch overlooking the Little River greats clubhouse members. The porch creates a perfect spot for guests to take in the area’s natural beauty and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning System: The Appalachian Clubhouse lacks a heating and air conditioning system. But, the clubhouse Ballroom has four ceiling fans and 12 electrical outlets, with an additional outlet in each room.
  • Furniture: The clubhouse is furnished to accommodate your guests comfortably. There are 12 (60″) round dining tables seating eight people each, 8 (3’x6′) rectangular tables, and 110 folding chairs. In addition, it has a sofa and chairs at one of the fireplaces, providing a cozy sitting area.
  • Kitchen: The Clubhouse lacks a kitchen or cooking facilities but has a double sink with hot and cold running water. It also has a 168 sq ft. warming kitchen with 32 sq ft. counter space. You can use the six electrical outlets in the warming kitchen to keep your food warm and accommodate catering. 
  • Restrooms:
  • The newly built restrooms are located outside the building, about 150 ft. from the building. They have cold running water, flush toilets, electric lights, and hand dryers.

These features make the Appalachian Clubhouse a unique and historic venue for a rustic wedding celebration. The beautiful forest, creek views, and charming porch with rocking chairs provide a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Appalachian Clubhouse in The Great Smoky Mountains

Reserving Appalachian Clubhouse

To reserve the clubhouse for your wedding, you must make a reservation. Reservations must be more than 30 days in advance and require a 25% partial payment. Full payment is due one month before the event.

A $400 damage fee is also charged to your credit card on top of the rental fee. You will get the deposit refund after using it, provided you didn’t break any set conditions. A post-event inspection must also prove that there are no damages to the property. After the inspection, the management will notify you if the management will forfeit the deposit fee.

When reserving the Appalachian Clubhouse, you need to understand the property’s rules and what to expect.

Property Rules:

  1. You can bring your caterers, but you need to call the park 48 hrs in advance.
  2. The parking lot has 15 reserved spaces. Additional parking space is available on a first-come, first-served basis at the nearby Jake Creek trailhead. Just remember your parking tag! Consider carpooling or shuttling guests from outside the park if you have more guests.
  3. You can bring alcohol into the property but must adhere to the regulations and laws.
  4. You can only use sound amplification inside.
  5. If you have decorations, they must be portable and limited to sitting on the floor and table. Avoid pinning them on the walls or bringing candles, oil lamps, or open flame devices. 
  6. You must clean up after using the facility. This includes returning the tables and chairs to storage racks and sweeping the floors. The clubhouse will provide trash cans and general cleaning supplies. 
  7. Smoking is not allowed within the facility.
  8. You cannot use directional signing, balloons, or exterior banners. You should instead provide your guests with directions
  9. You should get an additional Special Use Unit for a wedding and reception. If you have a professional planner, they must have a Commercial Use Authorization. 
Appalachian Clubhouse Wedding Venue in the Smoky Mountains

Permitted Smoky Mountain Photographer

If you plan to hold your wedding at the Appalachian Clubhouse, consider working with a permitted Smoky Moutain photographer. That’s me! I am familiar with the area and have the necessary permits to photograph in the Smokies.

As a permitted Smoky Moutain Photographer with extensive experience in the Smokies, I am well equipped to capture the beauty and elegance of your special day. From the natural surroundings of the historic Clubhouse to the intimate moments shared between you and your loved ones, I will work to create a visual story that perfectly captures the essence of your wedding.

Wedding at The Appalachian Clubhouse in the Smokies

Reserve the Appalachian Clubhouse for Your Special Day

The Appalachian Clubhouse is a unique and historic Smoky Mountain wedding venue that offers a low-cost, high-value option for those looking to get married. Its charming rustic design and scenic location provide an ideal setting for any wedding. Its accessibility and wide range of amenities make it an excellent choice for those planning a memorable event.

Take advantage of this opportunity to hold your special day in this beautiful and historic venue. Contact the National Park Service today to reserve the Appalachian Clubhouse for your wedding day and make your dream come true.

And for capturing memories, consider hiring me for professional photography. I am a permitted Smoky Mountain Photographer and would love to be a part of your wedding photography. Contact me today, and let’s start planning your Appalachian Clubhouse wedding.


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