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Why You Should Take Engagement Photos

Why You Should Take Engagement Photos

Dude. YOUR ENGAGED! Congratulations! Your engagement is a time of excitement, love, and togetherness (and hopefully some margaritas). You are on the path of planning a wedding AND future life together.

Let me preface this section with a few… notes, if you will. There is so much inspiration out there in the interwebs. Some couples love the pomp and circumstance of a time in their lives that everything is planned to the nines, and every box is checked off twice. Some people. For some people. For others, it’s an overwhelming source of frustration with a never-ending to-do list that takes you down a rabbit hole you feel as though you will never crawl out of. It’s your engagement. It’s your wedding. It’s your engagement session (if you even want to do one). Though your engagement photos certainly aren’t necessary to ensure your “happily-ever-after,” they are something that this professional Knoxville photographer thinks you totally should do. And here’s why.

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An Unforgettable Experience to Celebrate as an Engaged Couple

When you and your partner have agreed to say “I do,” this time becomes one of the most memorable snippets in your life. As cheesy as it sounds, your engagement is a time to celebrate your love for another. Engagement photos provide you and your fiance with a great opportunity to connect with each other, have fun, and celebrate this very special time in your lives. You can capture your special moments in locations or places that are meaningful to you as a couple. Or locations that reflect your natural personalities for an even more special moment.

Adventure Session in Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains

A Chance at Fun Before Wedding Plans Take Over

Let’s be honest. Wedding planning isn’t always sunshine and roses. Before the wedding plans and responsibilities take over, why not enjoy some time together? When you get engaged, it’s one of the most exciting times in your life to celebrate. Having a great engagement photo shoot can be the perfect way to celebrate your love together and remind one another what the future holds for you; before all the wedding planning takes the driver’s seat. This special time only lasts so long! Celebrate it with each other in a romantic and fun setting that allows you to connect before important decisions must be made.

Engagement photos at the Knoxville Botanical Garden in Knoxville

Photos for Friends, Family, and Your Wedding

Who doesn’t love photos? Your parents do. You do. I do. Share your beautiful engagement photos with all of your friends and family. Give them the opportunity to celebrate your love as well! Everyone will enjoy the photos and look forward to your future together. Better than that, all of your amazing shots can be enjoyed by you and your fiance for years to come; on the walls of your future homes, and in heirloom albums, you will hand down to the next generation. Engagement sessions can also kill quite a few birds with one stone. You’ll be able to have fun, make lifelong memories, and also use your photos for your future wedding plans. Engagement photos are used as engagement/newspaper announcements, save-the-dates, personalized gifts, decor for your wedding, and so much more. And anything that makes wedding planning easier is worth it, right? Right.

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Time to Get to Know Your Photographer Better

Your professional wedding photographer is an integral part of your nuptials. And finding one that you connect with is an absolute necessity. After all, every aspect of your wedding should reflect your goals as a couple. Use your wedding photographer to take some great engagement photos as a precursor for the big day. Not only is this the perfect, relaxed environment to get to know each other better, but it can also be an opportunity to ensure you are all on the same page before the big day comes. Even your photographer (me) will benefit from getting to know you better- your personalities and quirks, as well as how you interact with each other.

Industrial Engagement Photos Knoxville | Photographed by Erin Morrison Photography | https://erinmorrisonphotography.com/rainy-day-industrial-engagement-photos-knoxville/

The Chance to Find Comfort in Front of the Camera

Let’s be honest, we all have our insecurities. Feeling natural in front of a camera doesn’t come easy for everyone. Especially when you are the center of attention for long periods of time, like what is required for weddings. Most of the time, only a few minutes in front of the camera are necessary to find your swing and get comfortable. Before your big day comes, ensure those pictures will be in line with who you two are as a couple by capturing that personality at an engagement shoot. Engagement photos don’t include your wedding party, guests, or family, and you are in a more relaxed atmosphere. This allows you to get comfortable in front of the lens on your own terms.

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An Opportunity to Try Out Styles, Hair, and Makeup

Have an idea of how you want to look on your big day? Anxious or curious about color palettes, styles, or looks? Use your engagement photoshoot as a trial run! It’s the perfect time to get to know your hairstylist and makeup artist. You’ll be able to see how you look in your photos before the big day. This allows you to make changes and discuss options with your photographer and stylists. Instead of being anxious about how you will look in your wedding photos, you will welcome the sight of the camera when you say “I do.”

A Fun, Trial Run Before the Big Day

Some couples relish the hub-bub that surrounds your wedding day and others feel anxious. No matter which type you are, engagement photos help prepare you for what your wedding may be like — both mentally and physically. You’ll get an idea of how long it takes to get quality pictures, how much movement and set up is involved, and how taking photos will flow. But instead of learning this in the midst of everything going on on your wedding day, your engagement shoot can prepare you in a completely relaxed and fun environment.

Why You Should Take Engagement Photos

Knoxville Engagement Photography

Your engagement photos should be fun and beautiful. Through having a good time and learning more about yourself as a couple, your wedding photographer can help showcase what is special and unique about your love. And as a professional in celebrating all kinds of love, I specialize in helping you create memories that last a lifetime. Come check out the Erin Morrison Photography difference yourself, and contact me to schedule your engagement photos. I hope you have enjoyed this post on why you should take engagement photos! #muchlove

Why You Should Take Engagement Photos


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