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Fashionable Spring Engagement Session at UT Gardens Knoxville

Fashionable Spring Engagement Session at UT Gardens Knoxville

One of the best-kept secrets in Knoxville is the stunning gardens next to a little college. Ok, ok. It may not be that big of a secret when there is a lush and vibrant plant and landscape garden right next to the (in)famous University of Tennessee. UT Gardens in Knoxville is an epic engagement session location in the heart of my city. With multiple sites for photos, such as the Shultz herb spiral, labyrinth, wetlands, hosta, and rock gardens, there is something for everyone.

Official Botanical Gardens of Knoxville

The UT Gardens, Knoxville, is one of the three sites of the State Botanical Garden of Tennessee. Located on the University of Tennessee campus, this official botanical garden is a wonderland of plants to explore – perennials, annuals, ornamental grasses, and tropical plants can all be found there. The best part? It has free admission. The gardens are open to the public seven days a week from sunrise to sunset, but entry fees may apply during upcoming events.

Golden Hour

Golden hour is “magic hour.” It is the hour of sunlight just before sunset when the sky is bathed in a warm, golden light. It is the perfect time for photos, and scheduling your photos during the golden hour helps ensure a beautiful hazy glow in your photos.

We chose interesting plants, shrubs, and trees in the gardens to play off for Danielle and Chis’s photos! These varying locations allowed me to create casual photos using differing shadows and highlights. There are so many areas at this single engagement session location to use; we could have been there all evening capturing their engagement.

Engagement Session Locations

UT Gardens in Knoxville is one of my top engagement session locations in East Tennessee. Why? From Spring to Fall, this beautifully manicured garden bursts with flower options – from low-level tulips to lush trees. Planning outfits for this location is always fun, too. Danielle and Chris chose a semi-formal look for their engagement session, but outfit ideas are endless. Dressing up or dressing down are both options in this flowering oasis. No matter your outfit, taking engagement photos at the UT Gardens will provide vibrant, colorful, and lively photos.

Hire a Knoxville Photographer

You don’t need to be engaged to have a portrait session at the official botanical gardens in Knoxville. Did you graduate from The University of Tennessee? Newly pregnant? How about a growing family? All of these life events should be documented, and I would be honored to be a part of your memories. Contact me today to schedule your session!

man and woman walking in garden with pink flowering trees
woman in flowery dress standing next to man in white shirt and pants
man holding hands with woman and walking her through a garden
woman in flowering dress walking with a man on a gravel pathway
woman hugging man while standing on gravel path at UT Gardens Knoxville
man and woman smiling and hugging while standing in front of flowering tree
man and woman dancing at golden hour along gravel path at state garden in Tennessee
girl and boy dance at sunset at UT Gardens Knoxville for engagement session
woman walks with black leather jacket over shoulders across bridge with man
man and woman hold hands while walking across bridge
engagement photos in Knoxville at UT Gardens
girl and boy sit on pergola at Knoxville gardens
woman leads man through green grass at golden hour while wearing a pink flower dress
Fashionable Spring Engagement Session at UT Gardens Knoxville
man lifts woman and spins her around at engagement photos session
man and woman stand next to beautiful vintage truck at UT Gardens
man and woman stand next to beautiful old vintage truck at UT Gardens Knoxville
black and white photo of man holding woman's hand and kissing it
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man leading woman in pink off-the-shoulder dress along pathway
man and woman hugging in labyrinth at UT Gardens Knoxville
man and woman laughing in labyrinth at UT Gardens Knoxville


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