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Luxury Destination Wedding Venue in the Smoky Mountains

Tie the Knot at the Nichols Heir Wedding Venues

When you’re getting married, the details matter. You know that the dress, the flowers, the guest list, and the food matter, so of course, the venue matters, too. Whether you have lived in Tennessee or are just looking to get married in the scenic state, Nichols Heir is a beautiful choice for a wedding or private event.

It can be difficult to choose what venue is right for you because there are so many options in the area, but when you see the beautiful grand staircase and garden area at Nichols Heir, you’re going to want to host your dream wedding there. Your big day will be perfect when you opt for this absolutely stunning wedding venue that will remind you that Southern hospitality is still alive and well.

Let’s get into some details about the Nichols Heir and their venue options at 1187 New Era Rd, Sevierville, TN.

Wedding Venues and Locations

Located in Sevierville, TN, the Nichols Heir is the perfect destination for couples looking to host an elopement, wedding, or event in the Smoky Mountains. Backed by stunning natural landscapes, your wedding pictures will come out just right. There’s nothing more beautiful than natural light illuminating your photographs.

The mountains are a huge perk, but there’s more than just mountain landscapes. Nichols Heir is home to multiple different venues that are situated on one large property. Whether you have parts of your wedding at specific locations or stay at one venue the whole time, here’s what you should know about each venue.

The Garden at Nichols Heir in Sevierville

The Garden Ceremony Location

At The Garden, you can walk to the love of your life surrounded by beauty. A 220-foot custom walkway made from stone leads to a knoll backed by the Smoky Mountains. With its capacity to hold up to 250 guests, this is a great venue option for many reasons!

Considering eloping or having a micro-wedding? The Garden is a perfect option for you. Couples can elope during the week (Monday-Thursday) at the Garden in a setting of 50 or fewer guests.

On weekends (Friday-Sunday), The Garden is available for The Glass House or Grand Hall couples. This is an excellent location for a wedding ceremony with your reception at another area on the property.

With its intimacy in mind, know that some great amenities come with this venue. The team at the venue will put all the furniture up and take it down for you. In addition, the space is accessible and equipped to handle catering from many local vendors. Although you can only rent the space from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on weekdays (excluding Fridays and Saturdays), it’s perfect for slightly unconventional elopements and micro-weddings.

The Cottage at the Garden at Nichols Heir Wedding Venues in Tennessee

The Cottage at The Garden

The Cottage is an adorable white house that can do it all. Upstairs on the ground level, you’ve got the bridal suite – all romantic vibes, a cute little foyer, and some guest restrooms for convenience. Stroll down the walkway to the left, and you’ll find the lower floor. That’s where the magic happens for the grooms hanging out in The Garden, complete with a chill lounge and a kitchen just begging to be explored. Couples make the most of these spots for their weekday elopement. So, whether you’re up top for the bride or below for the groom, The Cottage has the perfect spaces to make your celebrations unforgettable at your Garden ceremony.

The Glass House private event venue in Tennessee

The Glass House

You’ll have an unforgettable experience at the Glass House. Just as it sounds, the glass house is a venue with a building made entirely of glass—only 20 buildings like this exist in the United States, so you’ll surely be impressed. There is outdoor space in front of the glass house, but even if the weather is uncooperative, the space is climate-controlled, so the temperature inside will be regulated.

There is a top-notch dance floor, ceremony space, place for cocktail hour, and access to unique photo locations. In addition, you can move the furniture to meet your vision, and space is available if you hire a catering team to provide food during your big day.

Bridal Suite at Nichols Heir in Sevierville

Bridal Suite at The Glass Hall

Step into the bridal suite (or should I say, house), where modern vibes meet laid-back charm. The exterior is all sleek lines, but inside, it’s the definition of cool comfort. Picture this: a big island right in the middle, equipped with a handy sink – perfect for keeping the party going. And there’s not just one, but several spots for getting ready, each decked out with plenty of mirrors to ensure everyone’s looking their absolute best. Natural light streams in, setting the scene for those pre-wedding giggles and excitement. It’s a chill, stylish space where the bride and her crew can soak up the good vibes and get ready to say, “I do.”

Groom Quarters at The Glass Hall

The groom’s quarters, tucked beneath The Glass House, conveniently close to the buzz of the bridal suite. This hidden gem is a haven for the groom and his crew, boasting a laid-back and stylish vibe. The atmosphere is all about anticipation and camaraderie, with modern touches that complement the venue’s contemporary feel. The groom and his best mates can kick back and relax as the laughter and excitement echo through the space. Whether it’s a quick touch-up in front of a mirror or a final toast before the big moment, this spot is the perfect retreat for the groom to soak in the moments just before saying, “I do.”

Destination Wedding Venue in The Great Smoky Mountains

The Grand Hall

Known for its sleek, contemporary architecture, the Grand Hall is luxurious and scenic. With its exposed beams and rolling grassy land, your indoor-outdoor wedding will be complete at the Grand Hall. You can host up to 300 people at this venue. There is a lounge area with games, TVs, and showers, so the groomsmen or the bridal party can relax comfortably as they await the ceremony.

Again, there is a great dance floor, ceremony space, and plenty of room for a cocktail hour to customize your experience at this venue, no matter your wedding needs. Staff will also attend the Grand Hall to ensure you and your guests have a seamless experience.

Destination Wedding Experience

Having a wedding should be something you and your guests never forget. Destination weddings at the Nichols Heir give you the best of both worlds. You can have a destination wedding without having to travel too far. Hosting weddings outside the United States, or the state of Tennessee, is hard for some couples because you often want all your family to make your wedding. It’s a nightmare situation when your loved ones cannot show up.

When you choose a destination wedding experience close to home, you can have scenic views and your family members present. Nestled in the beautiful destination of the Smoky Mountains, Nichols Heir will provide you with hospitality with modern aesthetics, and the Nichols Heir team is always committed to helping make your big day the best it can be. Just as the team at the venue wants to ensure your wedding is perfect, I want to make sure your wedding is excellent, too.

Luxury Wedding Experience in the Smokies

Smoky Mountain Wedding Photographer

Documenting your love and wedding in stunning photographs is my passion. You should look back on your wedding photographs and remember the energy of your big day. These are the photographs you will show your family and friends, maybe even your future children, so they’ve got to be perfect. I am a Knoxville Wedding Photographer who wants to show what’s unique about you and your partner. Humans are just that, humans, so there’s no need to stage overly posed photographs on your big day. I want to bring out your personalities—whether you’re awkward, goofy, or shy, I will help you showcase what makes you two, you two.

The Smoky Mountains are beautiful! Many wedding venues can bring you to the mountains. If Nichols Heir is unavailable for your date or private event, consider The Magnolia Venue, The Trillium, Dancing Bear Lodge, or Willow Ridge.

Indoor and outdoor wedding venue in the Smoky Mountains

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