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Contemporary Warehouse Family Photos

Contemporary Warehouse Family Photos

It’s been a hot minute since I last blogged a family session. But, in case you were wondering if I still if I photographed families, the answer is definitely YES! In fact, I mainly photographed families before I ever got into the wedding industry. So, when Heather contacted me and she had the inside scoop on a cool warehouse for some family photos, this photographer had all heart eyes. There is one thing that the Knoxville area lacks, and that is accessible indoor photography locations. So, of course, I jumped at the chance to hang with these people in an awesome warehouse location.

Warehouse Family Photos

A warehouse may not be your first thought for family photos, but this shoot will change your mind! I am all about the clean, minimalist vibe. The blue color palette of their outfits really pops against the white walls of the warehouse. We had initially scheduled our photos for another location, but the weather was looking a little rainy on this date. Luckily, near the end of the session, we were able to go to the roof of the warehouse for a few photos. My favorite photo is daddy lifting his little boy into the sky. It’s priceless.

What To Wear for Family Pictures

The number one reason why people don’t get family photos: because they don’t think that they have anything to wear. Pssssht! Here is something that you need to know: don’t overthink it. I too get overwhelmed when deciding my family photos too. As a mom and a wife, I understand the frustration of coordinating outfits.

But, this is what I usually do getting ready for family pictures. The tone of the outfits is usually set against one person’s outfit. This is usually mine. Then start putting together the outfits based on that outfit. From there, coordinate the men’s outfits as they are typically the easiest. Why? They are more simple due to fewer patterns. From there, add in the girl’s outfit with dresses, skirts, rompers, and scarves!

Family Photographer

My name is Erin Morrison and I love taking photos of families. So, whether you are into warehouse family photos or maybe something a little more rural, I am your person! Please feel free to view my portfolios and contact me at any time!

Family with blue and white shirts in warehouse with white walls
man and woman holding child wearing blue shirt
mother and father holding small baby
man in blue and woman in white holding small child in blue outfit
woman in white holding child in jean romper
woman in white shirt holding baby in blue over her head
man and woman holding child wearing blue shirt
Contemporary Warehouse Family Photos by Erin Morrison Photography
portraits of small child in blue jean outfit
Contemporary Warehouse Family Photos by Erin Morrison Photography
posed family photos In warehouse with man, woman, and baby
man in blue, woman in white, and baby in jean romper looking at the camera
small child in blue jean romper being held by woman in white
woman in white spinning child around
mother and father holding child
man and woman holding child wearing blue shirt
man in blue shirt lifting baby over his head
man and woman sitting and kissing against white warehouse wall
man and woman sitting and kissing against white warehouse wall
woman in white shirt resting head on man in blue shirt
man and woman walking in warehouse with white walls
man in blue shirt hugging woman in white shirt from behind
man and woman walking on warehouse roof
man and woman dancing on top of warehouse roof
man and woman standing on warehouse roof
woman and man walking warehouse roof
woman and man kissing on warehouse roof
warehouse roof family phtos
man holding baby on roof of warehouse
man lifting baby up into sky
mother holding baby in warehouse doorway
Contemporary Warehouse Family Photos


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