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Smithview Pavilion Wedding in Maryville

Smithview Pavilion

It’s easy to understand why the Smithview Pavilion in Maryville, Tennessee is referred to as “an oasis in the city.” This stately brick structure is surrounded by four acres of nature that creates the ultimate setting for a wedding. As a professional wedding photographer, I delight in the multiple opportunities for amazing photographs this venue provides. Looking for a unique and different wedding venue? Then look no further than the Smithview Pavilion. From its convenient location to its setting, it is the perfect choice for the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

The Location

Maryville, Tennessee is located approximately 20 miles from Knoxville. Established in 1795, this charming city is home to a population of 27,000. Its close proximity to Knoxville makes the Smithview Pavilion a great destination wedding choice as there is plenty for out-of-town guests to see and do throughout the region. Inquire at local hotels about reserving a block of rooms at a special rate for visiting friends and family and contact the Knoxville tourism office for brochures and tourist information.

You will need to apply for a marriage license at the county clerk’s office. There is no waiting period for obtaining a marriage license in Tennessee, making it a great destination wedding state.

Smithview Pavilion Wedding

The Pavilion

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding in Eastern Tennessee, then the Smithview Pavilion is worth your consideration. The impressive brick structure features curved colonnades (columns) that add to the overall stately design. Round tables fit nicely under the pavilion for reception dining. The open plan of the pavilion provides for a cool Tennessee breeze while the rustic pitched ceiling provides cover from the rain. The Smithview Pavilion includes the following additional features:

  • Accommodates up to 200 seated guests
  • Polished concrete flooring for dancing
  • Indoor kitchen
  • A fireplace
  • Ceiling fans
  • Restrooms

The pavilion is especially romantic at night when the lights create a special ambiance. The openness of the pavilion is what makes it so unique and such a popular wedding venue. Since 2008, the venue has hosted more than 350 weddings.

Smithview Pavilion

The Setting

The pavilion includes four acres of lush property that makes a beautiful setting for your ceremony. The rustic yet elegant pavilion, surrounded by the natural greenery of Eastern Tennessee trees and plants makes this a wedding photographer’s dream.

As you celebrate your love in an intimate ceremony, my goal is to capture the unplanned, natural emotions of the day. While the setting is perfect, ceremonies are often not and that’s OK. Letting go of expectations of a perfect day and rolling with events as they unfold makes for great photography. The smiles, laughter, and even oh-my-gosh expressions create the memories that last a lifetime.

The Smithview Pavilion is a Tennessee treasure when it comes to outdoor weddings. It is among my favorite venues in the Knoxville area capturing true love in a beautiful setting. Here are just a few of the settings in and around the pavilion that make this a joy to photograph:

  • The trees/woodlands
  • The brick columns
  • The open lawn with natural light
  • The stone fireplace

No matter where you are on the grounds, chances are you won’t even notice me and that’s how I like it. The less focused you are on the camera, the more natural your actions and emotions. You probably won’t be aware of the trees, the natural light, and the brick columns when it comes to your actual day. While these features are the very ones that attracted you to the venue, they blend in with everything else on your wedding day. As your photographer, I combine these elements with the moments that make your day special and I do so in a way that goes unnoticed by you.

There’s nothing wrong with the standard hotel ballroom wedding—it’s just not for everyone. If you’re thinking outside the box when it comes to your special day, consider the Smithview Pavilion. After all, you can’t go wrong with something the locals describe as an “oasis in the city.”

Smithview Pavilion Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Mother Nature is unpredictable and while the pavilion does have a roof, the sides are open. Consider these helpful tips when planning your outdoor wedding:

Warm weather months—have fans and hats available for guests and have fun with a refreshing lemonade stand

Wet weather months—If there is a possibility of rain, have umbrellas and disposable ponchos available. Place large, fluffy towels in the restrooms.

Cool spring and fall months—Place baskets of blankets around and take advantage of the fireplace in the pavilion.

If an outdoor wedding is truly your dream, then go for it! There are ways to work around the weather and most guests won’t mind getting a little wet when it comes to celebrating your special day.

Smithview Pavilion Maryville

Erin Morrison Photography

As a professional wedding photographer based in Knoxville, I specialize in natural light, and documentary photography. My goal is to capture a true representation of who you are as a couple. To accomplish this, I first learn who you are as individuals. I then watch for the looks, touches, and smiles that represent the spark that resulted in your wedding day.

I always feel honored when chosen as a wedding photographer, and I take my job seriously!  Yet, I believe in having fun too. I’m not opposed to getting a little crazy if it means securing the ultimate photograph.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, let’s chat about your plans and my services. The Smithview Pavilion is a great choice when it comes to an outdoor wedding in East Tennessee. My familiarity with this venue is a plus when it comes to wedding photography. From the curved, brick columns to the lush, green natural surroundings, the Smithview Pavilion is a romantic setting filled with ambiance.

The sooner you reach out, the sooner I can check my availability. Peak season months for the pavilion are May, September, and October. Outdoor weddings are possible with the right amount of planning, and with the right photography, and are memorable for years to come.


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