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Sequoyah Park Engagement Session

Sequoyah Park Engagement Photos

If you live in Knoxville, I guarantee that you are familiar with Sequoyah Park. The park is located in Sequoyah Hills, a neighborhood surrounded by the Tennessee River on the east, south, and west. Sequoyah Hills is one of Knoxville’s grandest neighborhoods, from quaint old homes with lush landscaping, to waterfront views — it’s a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours outdoors. Just off Kingston Pike, the area is noted by upper slopes that give some homeowners on the property views of the great state of Tennessee. And these views, among other things, were in our plan for Sequoyah Park engagement photos with Bianca and Ben.

Sequoyah Greenway

Of course, there is more to Sequoyah Park than just the views. “The Boulevard” as it’s known to locals, is a favorite for walkers, runners and road cyclists. The stone path along The Boulevard is very pedestrian-friendly. Along the greenway, visitors can see every color of the seasons. In the Spring, dogwoods and overflowing flowerbeds dot the stone pathway. And for those who love to exercise, you can also feast your feet on the rolling terrain. If your legs are looking for more, the Third Creek Greenway connects to the Sequoyah Greenway to the east.

Architectural Fountains

One of the best features of Cherokee Boulevard is the fountains that dot along the famous street. The neighborhood contains numerous notable examples of mid-20th century residential architecture and the fountains fit perfectly with the decor. The best part of the fountains is the manicured flower beds that surround them. Every month, new flowers bloom that highlight the changing seasons.

The fountains also fit perfectly with Bianca’s second outfit for their engagement photos. As soon as she stepped into the long dress, I knew that we had to go to the fountains. Spring pastel colors filled every inch of my camera, and this professional engagement photographer was absolutely happy.

In fact, this entire Sequoyah Park engagement session made my heart flutter. It’s easy to enjoy this job when you meet such wonderful people. Bianca and Ben were a perfect fit, and photographing them was a treat. If you are interested in getting in front of my camera for some engagement photos, please fill out my contact form and let’s chat!

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girl and boy walking along river
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man and woman embracing at Sequoyah Park
man and woman walking at Sequoyah Park
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Sequoyah Park Engagement Session
man and woman walking on greenway
boy and girl walking in front of fountain
girl and boy hugging in front of fountain on Cherokee Boulevard
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man and woman walking on Cherokee Boulevard in front of fountain
man and woman walking on Cherokee Boulevard in front of water fountain
man and woman hugging in front of Sequoyah Park
engagement photos at Sequoyah Park
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Sequoyah Park Engagement Session


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