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Black and White Wedding Showcases Party Vibes

A Black and White Wedding With Party Vibes at the Standard Knoxville

Black and white weddings are both simple yet sophisticated, and Ruth and Evan’s wedding was one for the records. The theme allowed a perfect combination of colors and décor statements, giving party vibes throughout the event. Also, everyone brought their dancing shoes. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone present danced the reception hours away, creating the best of memories with the lovely couple. 

Let’s Talk About the Outfits 

I cannot tell you about a black and white wedding without touching on the outfits present. The couple of the day stole the show with Ruth gracefully dressed in a white mermaid gown with a bareback enclosed in a big white bow right below her waistline. On the other hand, Evan led the groomsmen in a black fitting suit, white shirt, and black bow tie. These two looked like a complete puzzle together. 

Moving forward, the bridesmaids outdid themselves in some flowing burnt orange dresses, paired with a bouquet of white roses and some green flower leaves. The flower girls and boys also did their part, with the girls dressing in some white princess dresses and the young boys in black suits and white shirts. Lastly, the guests were also well represented with every shade they felt beautiful in,  to color the day. 

Impeccable Black and White Wedding Decorations

I never knew white roses could make much of a difference until I got to Ruth and Evan’s wedding. The florist outdid themself to bring out the perfect party vibe yet so chilled. You could spot the beautiful array of white rose pieces dropped professionally along the runway leading to the arbor. Also, to top it up were beautiful white flower stands along the runway holding white rose bouquets with a combination of green flower leaves. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the arbor was the simplest of all yet breathtaking. Some green plant leaves formed what appeared as an arch against some creamy white wall where Ruth and Evan romantically exchanged their vows. Maybe all this elegance was what made this couple get into a party mood, or perhaps they are just naturals. 

The décor team also incorporated some white linen on the brown wooden seats, which set a romantic mood throughout the vow exchanging ceremony. Let’s not touch on the reception bit yet, but I’ll break it down in a few.  

Bride and Groom’s Chemistry 

Perfect chemistry in a couple is enough to turn their big day into anything. Honestly, Ruth and Evan had the most natural chemistry. The smiles are visible in all their photos together. It’s also visible in how Evan held Ruth throughout the day, especially when having their first kiss as a married couple. 

Even without instructing these two for a pose, you could steal a shot anytime throughout the day and make a perfect picture. It’s this same energy and love that they transmitted to everyone present and especially their maids and groomsmen. The team blended so well and fit the picture uniquely; you could confuse them for real-life couples. 

Did I mention that all this made the photo session so easy for me; it felt like a little bit of heaven? I can bet they’ll leave to tell the day’s experience from the lovely moments in the photographs. 

The Standard Knoxville Giving Classic Party Vibes 

From the huge skylights brightening up the room naturally to the arched doorway, which made decorating such an easy experience, everything about this location was spectacular. The ceiling made it so easy to add more lighting and white drapes, creating a romantic feeling for the reception. 

Not forgetting the exposed brown bricks, which gave a natural look to the building giving enough room for anyone to enjoy the décor and colors present. I cannot fail to mention the great flooring, which everyone appreciated when they took to the dance floor. The wide room served greatly as a dancing floor for everyone to dance their souls out. 

Additionally, the Standard Knoxville has this original wooden staircase where Ruth, Evan, the maids, and groomsmen used to join their guests for the reception, exceptional! Draped in white linen, the staircase gave such a great spot to capture the newlyweds, and you can bet I got the shots for you. 

One last thing before I take you to the real party; let’s talk about the setup at the reception and the black and white color palette for the wedding. The large dining sets with brown wooden seats and white table clothes were everything. However, the icing on this was the romantic candle setup on the tables, which made it feel like one of those romantic picnics. Okay, enough! Let me take you to the real experience. 

Dance O’clock Time

After eating to their fill, the couple took their first dance, and you know how that goes being that it was their day. It was the most beautiful of scenes, and Evan, I must commend the guy. He does know how to lead. Ruth, on the other hand, is a great follower and everyone enjoyed the view and feel of that moment. 

Ruth also had the chance to enjoy her father-daughter dance before everyone lost it and joined the party. It was hard to hold back the joy and love, so the best way was to burst out in a dance. Some of the groomsmen even had to lose their heavy coats for this. I mean, anything that held anyone down was off, and people danced their hearts out. At some point, I honestly felt like joining in, but then who would have captured these moments for you? The only thing that took everyone off the dance floor was nightfall. I enjoyed creating these memories.  

Allow Me to Capture Your Party!

Quality photography is the best way to keep a record of your love story, whether it’s an engagement, proposal, or wedding. Such moments are refreshing to look at in the future, and they tell deep stories that you cannot describe in words. So, if you have a wedding, proposal, or engagement coming up, contact me today.

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bride and bridesmaid photos with orange dresses
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Wedding reception photo at The Standard Knoxville
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black and white wedding at The Standard Knoxville
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Black and White Wedding Showcases Party Vibes
wedding reception decorations  at The Standard
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wedding ceremony arbor in greenery at warehouse
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flower girl throwing flowers walking down aisle with ring bearer
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bride and groom exchange wedding vows in front of greenery arbor
Black and White Wedding Showcases Party Vibes
bride and groom exchange rings at wedding ceremony
first kiss at wedding ceremony in black and white
bride and groom walk down the aisle at wedding ceremony
Black and White Wedding Showcases Party Vibes
bride and groom kiss on top of balcony at warehouse wedding
bride and groom dancing at wedding reception
bride and groom dance during wedding reception
bride and groom dance during wedding reception
groom dips bride during first dance and father gives a toast
black and white reception photos at The Standard Knoxville
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toasts at wedding
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groom and mother dance at wedding ceremony
bride and groom kiss during dancing at wedding reception
party photos at wedding reception at The Standard
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slow drag wedding reception photos with flash
slow drag wedding reception photos with flash at black and white wedding
slow drag wedding reception photos with flash
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bride and wedding guest dance at wedding
glow stick photos at wedding reception with slow drag and flash
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