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Talahi Park Maternity Photos in Knoxville

Maternity Photos at Talahi Park

Do you take maternity photos? It’s a question that I get frequently, and the answer is always, “of course I do!” But, I can see why people would ask that question. It’s not until this very blog post that I have actually blogged a session.

When Matt contacted me to take photos of him and his wife, we chose the ever-beautiful Talahi Park for their maternity photo location. I absolutely love this intimate park setting. The best part about this popular spot is the location of the setting sun. Golden hour appears behind the houses to the west and encapsulates couples in the most beautiful and soft light.

After a few photos at the park, we moved to the Tennessee River. Along the river bed is a location where the cliffside is visible. It is the perfect background for maternity photos.

Talahi Park

Talahi Park is one of my favorite photography locations in Knoxville. The park is unique and enclosed in a black, wrought-iron fence with stone entryways. There is a gravel walking path that connects to Cherokee Boulevard and the ever-famous water fountain. Additionally, a stone shelter and stone benches surround the park. The park sits west of the Sequoyah Greenway and adjacent to Sequoyah Hills Park.

Talahi was the name of the original subdivision developed by Robert L. Foust. Today, it is called Sequoyah Hills. The park was originally named Old Papoose Park. The Talahi design set a precedent for much of the architectural scheme that flows through Sequoyah Hills.

Knoxville Maternity Photographer

Erin Morrison Photography is a maternity photographer in Knoxville. No matter if you are pregnant with your first child or your last, maternity photos are a great way to mark such a memorable occasion. Contact me today to book your maternity session today.

pregnant woman walking down street in white dress
maternity photos with man and woman in white
man and woman in white dress posing for maternity photos
man and woman laughing while standing in middle of road near Talahi park
golden hour maternity photos at Talahi Park
black and white golden hour maternity photos at Talahi Park
man and woman walk at golden hour at Talahi Park
Sequoyah Hills Talahi Park maternity photos
maternity photos with dog at Talahi Park
maternity photos at Talahi Park fountain in Sequoyah Hills
maternity photos at fountain in Sequoyah Hills
man and woman in white sit at water fountain in Sequoyah Hills
maternity photos at Sequoyah Hills Park
maternity photos on the Tennessee River
maternity photos on the bank of river in Knoxville
maternity photos on the bank of river in Knoxville
Maternity Photos at Talahi Park


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