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The Millstone Wedding Venue in Limestone, Tennessee

The Millstone: A Beautiful Setting to Host Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be a precious day you’ll want to cherish forever. For this reason, you need a unique venue, like the Millstone, that makes your big day memorable for generations to come. 

The Millstone is in the awe-inspiring countryside of Limestone, Tennessee. It’s an excellent wedding venue since it provides a quiet location and a beautiful setting. The East Tennessee wedding venue also features natural landscaping and a historical design you will love. 

But maybe you have specific standards when picking the perfect venue. Therefore, let’s find out more about Millstone to help you decide if the venue is right for you. 

The Millstone

A Historical Site that Makes Your Wedding Day Unique

The Millstone has existed for over two centuries. Through that time, the site has passed into the hands of different owners. The current owners have renovated the building but still maintain the original look. 

If you want a venue that awakens a feeling of history, the Millstone suits you best. It provides a welcoming space for your guests and helps you bring out an awesome old-school vibe at your wedding. 

The Initial Construction of the Millstone

Thomas Brabson built the mill in 1811 and powered it with a wooden,15-foot high water wheel. The mill used to grind corns. As a result, it was one of the most crucial factories in the lives of early European settlers, who were primarily farmers. 

During the civil war (in the 1860s), the Michigan Union regiment occupied the mill before selling it to the Gray family in the 1900s. The family used the mill as a post office in 1910, and the equipment they used then, like the teller counter, still exists today at the venue.  

In the 1940s, the owners used the water wheel to generate their own electricity as well as for the neighboring houses. The mill shut down in 1994 and stayed dormant till 2010 when William and Danielle Barrett bought it. 

The Renovation Project that Made the Millstone a Perfect Wedding Venue

When Danielle and William bought the mill, its condition was unsightly. Rotten structures, sagged beams, and roof leaks were the conditions of this place. But they made significant improvements that restored the historical beauty of the Millstone. 

For example, they replaced old, damaged beams with historical material of a similar period. That way, the new owners maintained the old, beautiful look while improving the mill’s structural strength. 

In short, William and Danielle renovated the place while maintaining the historical character. In fact, they reused the millwork, original floor, and siding when restoring the beauty of the Millstone wedding venue. Additionally, the original milling equipment is still available as part of the Millstone’s decor. 

The Millstone Wedding Venue in Limestone, Tennessee

The Stunning and Convenient Setting for Your Big Day

In addition to the historical beauty, the Millstone venue offers an artistic landscape that complements the importance of your wedding. The management can also decorate the area with beautiful lighting to add elegance to the venue.  

Additionally, Millstone is in the countryside area. That means you’ll be away from noise common in urban places. The venue also brings you closer to nature, since the environment has trees—you get to enjoy the fresh air of the countryside.

What’s more, the venue has both indoor and outdoor spaces to host your wedding as well as the reception. Other benefits you receive by renting the Millstone include: 

You Get Full Access to the Property

Considering that it’s a historic building, you may want to explore Millstone. Luckily, renting the venue gives you exclusive access to the property. 

You get to visit the old mill, access the bridal cabin, explore the grounds around, and use the parking area. The parking area has an attendant to look after the guests’ wedding vehicles. 

The Venue Has Bridal and Groom’s Dressing Rooms

These rooms ensure you don’t have to travel to the venue wearing your wedding attire, especially if it’s far. That way, you avoid circumstances that can spoil your wedding outlook when traveling to the venue. 

An Overnight Stay

With the Millstone as your wedding venue, you’ll access sleeping quarters for up to twelve guests. As a result, your family members and close friends can dance the night away without worrying about traveling long distances after the ceremony. 

Married couples get accommodation for up to two consecutive days. In return, you get to enjoy ample alone time together as a married couple. 

Millstone Wedding Venue

How Much Do You Need to Rent the Millstone Wedding Venue? 

Weddings are expensive. But if you find a beautiful and conveniently-located venue at an affordable price, you can maintain the overall costs within your budget. The Millstone offers affordable wedding packages. 

For instance, a Friday/ Saturday package goes for $5850. On the other hand, the Saturday package alone costs $ 4150. These costs include accommodation supplies like chairs, a cake table, and big tables for your wedding. 

The costs also include other benefits like free, stable WiFi to live-stream your wedding if you want. That way, your loved ones that won’t attend the ceremony will still celebrate your big day with you online. 

To get complete details about the Millstone wedding packages, visit the site or contact them. That said, the venue is accessible from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM to give you enough time to celebrate your big day. 

The Millstone Venue in Tennessee

Erin Morrison Photography Will Help You Capture the Best Moments of Your Wedding Day

Partnering with a professional photographer ensures you have all your best wedding moments on record. That way, you’ll have memories to show your children and grandchildren in the future. 

As your wedding photographer, I will dedicate my time to capturing the finest details on your wedding day. After all, I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, giving me the experience to capture your wedding. Additionally, I specialize in photographing emotions, from bright smiles in the ceremony to slow, beautiful dances at the reception. 

Here’s my portfolio. You can check it out to identify if my style blends well with your tastes. I also would love to hear from you. Let’s talk to help you streamline your wedding plan and make the big day a huge success.


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