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The Lake at Christenberry Farms Wedding Venue

Welcome to The Lake at Christenberry Farms, an exquisite wedding venue. It is nestled in the serene countryside of Maryville, conveniently located minutes from Knoxville, Tennessee. If you’re a couple looking for a picturesque and enchanting location with a beautiful lake that offers a memorable wedding venue, the Lake at Christenberry Farms is for you.

This charming estate perfectly blends natural beauty and elegant amenities to meet your needs. Let’s take you through the captivating setting, indoor amenities, and outdoor wonders that make The Lake at Christenberry Farms an unforgettable wedding venue and a wonderful experience.

The Lake at Christenberry Farms Wedding and Event Venue

The Setting

The Lake at Christenberry Farms has been accommodating weddings for years. All the staff is dedicated to making your special day unique and tailored to you. The Lake at Christenberry Farms is nestled in rolling hills, which means that this working farm is surrounded by picturesque farmland and has breathtaking views of the Smoky Mountains.

Discover a Fairytale Setting

As you step onto these grounds, you’ll be captivated by this stunning venue with an idyllic backdrop that seems straight out of a fairy tale. Not only does this peaceful farmland make the perfect backdrop for your wedding day, but you’ll also find it’s a great place for all your other wedding activities.

This fourth-generation family-owned property exudes a sense of heritage and history. The hands-on staff is dedicated to meticulous preservation and thoughtful updates of the buildings designed to transport you to a simpler time, even as modern amenities are offered that make accommodating weddings and all of their related activities successful and memorable.

Immerse in Carefully Crafted Detail

Every detail has been carefully designed, from the exquisite rough sawed beams to the oversized chandeliers to the stunning barn, to ensure that The Lake at Christenberry Farms wedding venue perfectly defines your love story. Whether you envision a rustic celebration in the stunning barn or a charming celebration under the covered outdoor patio that features the Smoky Mountains or indoor ceremonies under oversized chandelier lighting, you’ll find that this family-operated working farm has a unique personality.

The natural beauty of The Lake at Christenberry Farms is awe-inspiring. The shimmering lake reflects the surrounding splendor and the rolling hills, offering a touch of tranquility to the atmosphere, letting you focus on what matters most – your love.

Create Timeless Memories

As you exchange your vows against the breathtaking backdrop of the Smoky Mountains, you’ll create memories that last a lifetime. This extremely nice venue features easy access for your guests and is centrally located near Knoxville. The venue has a unique personality and charm, making it an exceptional choice for couples seeking a setting that embodies the romance and beauty of centrally located Knoxville.

The setting of The Lake at Christenberry Farms is not only visually stunning but offers a sense of serenity and privacy with its private access to the bridal suite and groom’s quarter. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the countryside, you and your guests can escape the pace of the city and enjoy an intimate event. Whether your wedding is small and intimate or a huge celebration, The Lake of Christenberry Farms offers an amazing venue with ample entertaining space.

wedding party at The Lake at Christenberry Farms in Tennessee

Indoor Amenities

Step inside the charming barn at The Lake of Christenberry Farms, and you’ll find a blend of rustic elegance and modern comfort. The spacious interior features rough-sawed beams that add character to your special day, while the soaring ceilings create an atmosphere of grandeur.

The stunning barn includes oversized chandeliers to give an inviting ambiance over the entire space with their soft glow. The barn has a versatile layout, which means it can be transformed from a romantic space to host indoor ceremonies, such as a cocktail hour to mingle with your guests, to a stunning reception area, ensuring a seamless flow for your wedding events.

Your traveling wedding day guests can take advantage of the indoor amenities at The Lake of Christenberry Farms, such as four vanity stations and private restrooms. This venue has a luxurious and private bridal suite designed to give you and your bridal party an elegant space to relax and prepare. The suite has tasteful furnishings and natural light, giving you and your bridal party a tranquil environment to create memories that will last a lifetime before you walk down the aisle. The groom isn’t forgotten, with his own groom’s quarter for the groomsmen, allowing them to make their memories.

The Lake at Christenberry Farms offers many other indoor amenities. Comfort and enjoyment can be enjoyed at all of your wedding events because of the private access to different spaces and well-appointed restroom facilities, which are especially beneficial for traveling wedding day guests. The venue’s commitment to attention to detail is seen in every aspect, from the exquisite rough-sawed beams to the charming décor to meet your every need by an attentive and hands-on staff.

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Outdoor Amenities

From the moment you step outside, you’ll see the surrounding natural beauty in the sprawling grounds, offering endless possibilities for magical moments and capturing stunning photographs by Erin Morrison. From the stunning gardens to the lush greenery, every corner of this venue held opportunities to create amazing memories for you and your guests.

The centerpiece of the outdoor amenities is the enchanting lake, with its tranquil waters reflecting its beautiful surroundings, creating a romantic atmosphere for your special day. Imagine exchanging vows with the love of your life against this backdrop and having it captured in a photo for you to treasure for the rest of your life. Whether you decide to have a lakeside ceremony or want to incorporate the lake into your wedding photographs, you’ll find it an extraordinary experience.

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Capture Memories in Photographs with Erin Morrison Photography

The Lake at Christenberry Farms is a wedding venue that epitomizes the charm of yesteryear and the elegance of today in a centrally located venue that caters to Knoxville and its surrounding areas. With its breathtaking setting and modern amenities, you’ll find that The Lake at Christenberry Farms offers an enchanting place for couples wanting an unforgettable wedding experience.

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