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The Julianna Venue

Farm-style weddings are on the rise, and nowhere can you find a country chic atmosphere better than The Juliana Venue. This Knoxville, Tennessee, setting will capture your heart the first time you see it.

The Setting & Services

The woodland ceremony site is surrounded by the natural beauty that is west Knoxville. Featuring flagstone pathways and a natural arbor, this setting is perfect for an outdoor wedding. The fully renovated stables include three dining rooms and a kitchen for your caterer to use. Fully climate controlled, the facilities include a large open area for dancing. Venue staff work with several area caterers, florists, and party rental companies to help ease your stress, or feel free to use one of your own choices.

Stopping to Smell the Roses

In today’s busy world, there’s nothing like escaping to nature for a breath of fresh air. Many believe this explains the recent rise in farm-style, or shabby chic, outdoor weddings. The setting provides the opportunity to sit down and basically, calm down. In fact, it demands it. If all you want to hear during your ceremony is the sounds of nature, then The Julianna Venue is the perfect place for you.

Hunter Valley Farm

Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

Outdoor ceremonies are risky so provide parasols for your guests. In the event of rain, they provide protection and if the sun is too hot, they help with that too. Another fun idea is to use wooden tree stumps as floral stands along with the isles. Mason jars make useful decorations as you can use them for flowers or tealights.

Prepare Your Guests

Be sure to inform your guests that a ceremony is an outdoor event. Plan for handicap accessibility, appropriate lighting, and water if the weather is warm. Wedding favors in the form of individual bug sprays are helpful. Create cute labels with “Be Smitten, Not Bitten” and your wedding date. Encourage guests to dress comfortably, especially when it comes to shoes. The evenest ground can still have a bump or two.

Hunter Valley Farm

West Knoxville Location

West Knoxville is surrounded by natural beauty and offers views of Lake Loudon and the Great Smokey Mountains. In addition to the views, this area of Knoxville features a variety of shopping and entertainment opportunities.  It’s easy to see why many brides choose The Julianna Venue. Its West Knoxville location places Hunter Valley Farm in the center of nature and it is a convenient location for out-of-town guests.

Outdoor Romance

There’s something incredibly romantic about an outdoor wedding. Perhaps it’s the natural setting, the birds chirping, and the fresh air. Outdoor weddings are also practical in many instances. For one, there’s little need for a ton of decorations. The flowers, trees, and natural setting provide the perfect backdrop. Outdoor weddings are also great for setting the mood of a wedding. A sunset wedding, for example, sets a romantic mood and creates a romantic ambiance.

Natural Light

Let’s not forget about the natural light an outdoor setting provides for photography. Natural light is my specialty so I thrive as a professional photographer at an outdoor wedding. My other area of specialization is documentary photography. I believe in storytelling through the use of this style of photography because it best captures the individual and unique emotions of the day. Using a relaxed but strategic approach, I strive to capture those candid moments that happen during the flow of celebration.

summer country chic wedding at The Julianna

The Photography

This is one of the most beautiful venues to photograph! Capturing weddings in this setting is amazing, due to the abundance of greenery and woodlands.  When two of my favorite things come together, nature and happiness, I am reminded of why I followed my passion for photography. Sharing my passion with others is what I love to do most. Joining your journey from the early stages of engagement to the day of your wedding helps me learn more about you. In learning more about you, I can then capture the natural, unplanned moments and emotions that result in the best memories.

The Julianna Wedding Venue in Knoxville

Start Your Forever at The Julianna Venue

This is your special day and your special day requires a special place. The Julianna Venue is a unique venue that offers a gorgeous natural setting. Located in East Tennessee, in the western section of Knoxville, this venue makes you forget the frantic pace of everyday life.

Renovated down to the last detail, the climate-controlled facilities and the dance floor will have you dancing the night away in celebration.  To schedule a tour of this venue, contact them today.

Erin Morrison Photography

Capturing your special day is my honor. I never tire of the romance, joy, and emotion of a wedding. It is a truly special day that you plan and plan and plan. The natural moments that I capture result in timeless keepsakes for you and your family. Working with a photographer early in your journey is helpful to everyone in learning to know more about one another. It is learning and understanding what makes the couple unique that helps me, as a professional photographer based in Knoxville, successfully tap into the right moments at the right time.


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