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The Ivey House Wedding Venue

The Ivey House

There’s a lovely Victorian farmhouse outside of Knoxville called The Ivey House. It’s not a large venue, but it is big-hearted. This charming wedding venue is completely restored to its former charm. Couples love the house for its quaint, romantic atmosphere. It’s not too pricey, and yet it has everything necessary to hold a beautiful, low-key wedding event. Your ceremony can be indoors or outdoors, and there’s plenty of space for a reception and dance. I invite you to learn more about The Ivey House.

The Ivey House Wedding Venue

The House

The 2,600 square foot farmhouse was built around 1886. Much of its long history involved family gatherings and celebrations. In fact, the longest-living owners of the house, Charles and Lovana Ivey, were married in the home’s parlor on April 25, 1948. The current owners, Dustin and Colleen, have restored the house so couples can gather their own family and friends together for a timeless wedding. 

Colleen is also the wedding planner associated with The Ivey House. She loves to work with her clients to plan and coordinate an event they will remember forever. When you book this house for your wedding, you can also choose to book Colleen as your wedding planner. She has lots of great ideas for local vendors who will be willing to serve your wedding event. If you’re operating on a small budget, Colleen is a priceless resource for ways to make the most of your money.

The Ivey House Wedding Venue

The Location

Located between Knoxville and Gatlinburg, this beautiful house is built in the countryside outside the Great Smoky Mountains. A natural spring runs through the home’s property. The venue includes 5 acres of outdoor area for any activities that you plan. Across the road is the Eusebia Presbyterian Church. Everywhere you look, you’ll feel the timelessness of this beautiful 19th-century house and location.

The Ivey House Wedding Venue

The Wedding Venue

The Ivey House exudes authentic charm, and it is fully-equipped for small to medium-sized weddings. The Large Pavilion is a covered outdoor space ideal for receptions or ceremonies. It accommodates up to 200 guests, who will enjoy the fabulous mountain skyline view in the distance. There is enough parking space available for 100 vehicles.

If you prefer an indoor wedding, the Parlor can hold an intimate gathering of 20 guests. The Large Room can hold up to 40 guests. The entire house has been restored to a Southern vintage look. Vintage furniture and matching decor complete the look to a tee.

The large patio around the house is perfect for cocktails. Let your guests mingle outside the Victorian home, soaking up the Southern sunshine and the Smoky Mountain air. Inside the house, you’ll have the use of a fully-equipped kitchen. Tables, chairs, and linens are available for your reception party.

The upper story of the house contains a spacious bridal suite, which is both private and convenient. The bride and bridesmaids can prepare for the wedding in the multiple dressing rooms. A private full bathroom completes the very sweet bridal suite. I love the vintage ceiling and glamorous chandelier. A wedding dress hung over the sheer white curtains creates a classic, ethereal photo-op.

The groom suite is located in a large downstairs bedroom, located just off the kitchen. It also includes a full bathroom. The groom and his groomsmen will love the addition of a television and a mini-fridge.

Although the entire venue is one big photo opportunity, the indoor staircase is a lovely place for unique shots. The romantic interior includes a cozy fireplace, high ceilings, and tall windows. Outdoors, the beautiful mountain scenery and countryside greenery provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding party.

The Ivey House Wedding Venue

Beautiful and Affordable

The Ivey House is excellent for couples looking to get married in the Knoxville area. Booking a wedding here is simple. You have multiple reservation options. Book a full weekend package and get special overnight accommodations and full use of the property. Book a one-day (12 hours) package for an affordable option that is well-suited for most couples. The one-day package includes a one-hour rehearsal. Small wedding groups may find the flexible, hourly package the most ideal option.

The Ivey House has gorgeous, authentic architecture and beautiful scenery. It is an inexpensive option for couples who want a special venue without a hefty bill.

The Ivey House Wedding Venue

Erin Morrison Photography

Vintage weddings are truly romantic. I love the high ceilings, the old-fashioned details, and the way that even the sunlight looks like it’s shining from the past. The atmosphere at The Ivey House is exactly right for a special wedding event. Your wedding celebrates your future, but it also looks to the past. You think of all the people who have gotten you to this pivotal moment in your life. Your guests remember their own weddings. The house itself seems to recall its full history of family celebrations.

Being a wedding photographer is such a privilege for me. I take my job seriously. I love to see your love shining out of your faces, and I aim to capture your feelings and emotions. Big moments, like the walk down the aisle, and small moments, such as a private kiss, tell your story. I believe that genuine, candid shots speak more truth than posed shots. I also like to make use of the natural light available. My style makes it easy for me to be flexible and adaptable to your unique situation. With close to 200 weddings under my belt, I have learned quite a bit about making wedding photography shine with personal beauty.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m attracted to the mountains. I have the rare privilege of being one of the few licensed photographers permitted to take photographs in the Smokies. Please take a look at my portfolio. If you like my way of capturing wedding-day memories, please contact me. I’d be honored to be your wedding photographer at The Ivey House.


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