Knoxville Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

Same-Sex Wedding Photographer in Knoxville

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now that you’ve committed to saying “I do” to the love of your life, the next exciting step is finding your Knoxville same-sex wedding photographer. Planning a same-sex wedding isn’t very different from a traditional bride and groom wedding. There are still all of the crucial decisions to make regarding venues, music, food, and more.

However, gay and lesbian couples are shaking things up and changing the rules to better suit their personalities and wishes. Same-sex marriage has recently become overwhelmingly accepted by the older generations, and couples aren’t afraid or uncomfortable to show their love off to the world anymore, which is a huge step forward and truly amazing.

We’re going to walk you through all you need to know about planning your dream wedding in Knoxville, TN. Whether bride to bride or groom to groom, you’ll feel confident as you begin exploring venues, ceremony, traditions, and more. Stay tuned!

Who Should Marry You?

Spiritual Officiants

Several religious institutions are now sanctioning same-sex marriages. If one or both of you are active members of a gay-friendly church, securing a clergy member to perform a gay or lesbian wedding will be a breeze. Conduct interviews to get a better feel of if they support your marriage and views. If you feel they’re hesitant, move onto the next one, it’s your wedding!

If both of you aren’t members of a church, you still have options. Search online for referrals from wedding professionals in the Knoxville area to narrow down your search. Ultimately, if religion is important to either of you, a spiritual officiant may be a great choice to consider.

Civil Officiants

Many same-sex couples aren’t affiliated with religious institutions, and that’s perfectly fine. You can find a marriage commissioner or a justice of the peace which are citizens designated by the court to perform legal same-sex ceremonies. You can find their contact information on local court websites. Make sure to obtain your marriage license and also confirm with them that they will be performing a same-sex marriage to avoid running into troubles on your big day.

Personal Options

If having a religious clergy member or legal commissioner seems too impersonal, you can opt for choosing someone more meaningful to help as you exchange your vows! A close friend or family member can choose to be “ordained” online or through the local courts. This creates a more intimate ceremony and ensures the person performing your wedding fully supports your loving relationship. No matter which path you choose, research your options thoroughly and make sure you’re both on the same page before you sign on the dotted line.

Same-Sex Wedding Photographer in Knoxville

Same-Sex Wedding Traditions We Love

Spending the Pre-Wedding Night Together

Who says you have to be apart on the night before your wedding? Archaic rules don’t have to be used anymore. Same-sex couples don’t want to be apart the night before the wedding, and they’re not forcing something that isn’t necessary. Be excited about your big day and spend the night together!

Getting Ready in the A.M Together

Waking up together basking in the excitement of the day will feel incredible. Get ready for the day as a couple, there’s no need for a “big reveal” at the ceremony if you don’t want one!

Grooms – Grab Some Flowers!

Flowers are beautiful, no questions asked. Grooms are carrying bouquets down the aisle, and we couldn’t be more on board with this idea. They’re the perfect accessory to compliment your attire and decor!

Walking Each Other Down the Aisle

One beautiful way same-sex couples are showing their undeniable love for each other is walking down the aisle together. It symbolizes unity and commitment in their journey ahead, walking arm in arm with the one they vow to love forever.

Switching Up Bridesmaids/Groomsmen

Forget traditional gender roles… why should you exclude another sex from your bridal party? Couples are choosing their bridal parties based on who they love and who supports them, regardless of their gender.

Ditching White

Who wants a white dress anymore?! Many brides are ditching white and choosing their own wedding dress colors. They’re also doing one bride in black and one in white for a gorgeous contrasting vibe. Dresses, suits, rompers, and men’s kilts are also being worn and mismatched to showcase couples’ unique styles. We’re digging it.

Mixed Seating

Traditionally, guests sit on the side of the wedding party they’re there for, for example, the bride’s guests on the left, the groom’s guests on the right. Same-sex weddings are unique in the fact that they want everyone to mingle! Have a sign that says “pick a seat, not a side” or something along those lines.  Another neat trend is creating a circular seating arrangement with the couple and officiant in the middle of the circle. Everyone can see and there aren’t any awkward sides. It’s a win-win.

Same-Sex Wedding Photographer in Knoxville

Gay-Friendly Venues in Knoxville, TN

Heartland Meadows

Say hello to one of Knoxville’s premier outdoor wedding venues. Located just north of Knoxville lies Heartland Meadows, a gorgeous gay-friendly venue with 45 acres of gorgeous rolling hills, a quaint gazebo, wooded groves, and an incredible reception barn you and your guests will dance the night away in. With over 25 years of wedding experience, they’ll help you every step of the way to create one unforgettable day. They’re family owned and truly care about each and every wedding they host.

Dara’s Garden

Your enchanting, storybook wedding awaits you at Dara’s Garden! Located conveniently in South Knoxville, you’ll instantly fall in love the minute you drive up to the lovely white manor house greeting you in the front. The land features beautiful rose garden, white gazebo, various locations in the back lawn for mingling (overlooking a farm and barn), a rolling creek, and a fountain garden.

Kissing your partner by the luscious rose garden will make for precious photos that will last a lifetime! Dara’s Garden also has an event tent for year-round receptions or inclement weather. You simply have to see this place for yourself!

Historic Bleak House

Prepare yourself for stunning views and timeless beauty, a perfect combination for your dream day. The Historic Bleak House located in West Knoxville was built in the 1850’s by a father as a wedding gift to his daughter. This historical mansion includes lush gardens and incredible architecture, which create the perfect backdrop for amazing wedding photos. Magical memories await, don’t overlook this breathtaking LGBT friendly venue!

Looking for more vendors?

I proud to be a Same-Sex Wedding Photographer in Knoxville, and I am committed to helping same-sex couples find other professional vendors for their wedding day. My good friend Alex from Alex Bee Photographer has put together a directory of same-sex friendly wedding vendors in the Knoxville area. I can’t imagine what it would be like to navigate the stresses of planning a wedding while also under the fear of contacting vendors who may refuse service. All of us here at Erin Morrison Photography hopes that this directory continues to grow and grow!

Same-Sex Wedding Photographer Knoxville

My goal is to capture all of the intimate and real moments on your special day. From the soft forehead kisses to the awkward belly laugh from your fiance telling a hilarious joke. I make sure to capture the candid moments that you may think are going unnoticed. Every wedding is just as important as the next, and I take pride when couples choose me to document one of the most important days of their life.

If you are looking for a same-sex wedding photographer in Knoxville, please feel free to check out my portfolio to get a sense of my photography style! If you think we’d be a great match, contact me for more information.

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