Meadhaven Wedding Venue in Maryville, Tennessee


If you’re dreaming of a wedding venue that includes outdoor beauty and a sophisticated style of charm, consider Meadhaven on the Lake. This Eastern Tennessee location is peaceful and has the right amount of ambiance for your special day. The scenic backdrop of the lake, historic house, and Tennessee mountains make for amazing wedding photography. As a Knoxville-based professional wedding photographer, I delight in celebrations of love at venues like Meadhaven. 

The History

Meadhaven is a historic Tennessee treasure that dates to 1851. This pre-Civil War era home sits by Fort Loudoun Lake, making it a scenic spot for your special day. Passed down through the Cox-Mead family, the home serves as a staging area for brides and caters, with ceremonies and receptions held outdoors. 

One of the grandest celebrations ever held at Meadhaven was, in fact, a wedding. On June 15, 1905, the Cox-Mead family joined in marriage before 150 invited guests. Friends and family climbed aboard trains in Knoxville and upon arriving in Louisville, were transported by carriage to the church. After the ceremony, the carriages made their way to Meadhaven for the reception.

The music provided by the J. King Wooden Orchestra filled the air and guests danced and dined in celebration. One can almost imagine the scene, with the bride in her 1920’s style wedding dress, dancing under the stars to the orchestra. 

More than 100 years later, couples can share a similar experience with their own guests. Without or without a carriage, Meadhaven is not only a beautiful venue for your wedding but has a strong foundation and history for celebrating love.

Meadhaven Wedding Venue in Maryville, Tennessee

What Meadhaven Offers Couples

Many couples choose to marry in a ceremony by the lake or in the apple and peach orchard. Meadhaven can accommodate as few guests as 25 or as many as 300. Outdoor tents provide what you need for the ultimate reception, complete with a dancing floor, tables, and chairs.

The owner of Meadhaven goes above and beyond to ensure your day is a success. You can choose from a variety of wedding day packages and there’s even an ultimate package for the most stress-free experience possible. 

Meadhaven offers something that you can’t put a price on and that’s its historic charm and scenic beauty. Reviews on popular wedding sites cite the same word over and over—beautiful. 

Capturing you, as a couple, is my focus as a wedding photographer. Having a variety of awesome background choices to compliment the photography is, well, the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, Meadhaven also offers that too in many of their packages. To sweeten the deal, even more, couples can provide each guest with a keepsake jar of Meadhaven honey for a small, additional fee. 

Transportation has come a long way since the days of 1905 and your guests can easily find the Louisville location using navigational systems. Meadhaven is in close proximity to many Eastern Tennessee attractions including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Encourage out-of-town guests to plan for a few extra days to explore the area. Inquire about a group rate at hotels and other accommodations as an incentive for your guests to enjoy more time in Eastern Tennessee.

Meadhaven Wedding Venue in Maryville, Tennessee

Choosing the Right Venue for Your Day

There are many important decisions to make when it comes to planning your wedding. One of the first decisions you make is choosing the day. From there, your next decision is where to marry. Choosing the right venue involves such details as how many guests you plan to invite and whether you want an outdoor experience. 

Meadhaven is shabby chic, grace, rustic, and charm, all rolled into one venue. It hosted a celebration of love as early as 1905 and continues the tradition today. If beginning your marriage by a lake surrounded by the Tennessee mountains appeals to you, contact Meadhaven today. 

The right wedding photographer can capture the meaningful moments of your day no matter what venue you choose. When you do choose a venue like Meadhaven, you open the door to countless possibilities for creating beautiful and memorable photography. 

Meadhaven Wedding Venue in Maryville, Tennessee

East Tennessee Photographer

To me, there’s no place quite like the EastTennessee region that I call home. Based in Knoxville, I never tire of exploring all the area has to offer. I am one of the few photographers permitted to photograph within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My work as a professional wedding photographer includes many historic and scenic wedding venues throughout East Tennessee. 

I specialize in documentary-style, natural light photography. There are no pre-planned, staged photos in any of my photography. I believe capturing the spontaneous, unplanned moments of your day results in photography that is natural and real. The laughter of your grandparents, the happy tears from loved ones, or the special moment your eyes connect with your new spouse are the moments that matter.

At the end of your wedding day, all that remains are those moments captured on film. That’s why investing in a professional and experienced wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions for your special day. Your wedding day is just that—one day. As special as it is, all the planning, stressing, and anticipation is over within a short period of time. Enjoying your day knowing that the most special moments are in the hands of the right photographer is priceless.

Erin Morrison Photography

Once you save a date, contact me to discuss my availability. We can discuss other important items too, like my services and experience. If you want staged photographs, I’m probably not your wedding photographer. If you’re looking for a photographer that flys under the radar of your day and still captures it, then reach out! Your wedding day photos are something you will frame and treasure throughout the years. Don’t risk preserving your memories to just any photographer. Let’s connect and chat about your plans. 

There are a variety of unique and special wedding venues throughout Eastern Tennessee. To learn more about Meadhaven and to schedule a tour, contact them here. To get in touch with me, contact me here

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