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Hunter Valley Engagement in Knoxville by Erin Morrison Photography

Hunter Valley Engagement Photos

There is a lot of things that we love about shooting engagement photos in Knoxville. One of the best things? When couples choose a location that has meaning to their life. You see, these Hunter Valley engagement photos aren’t just any engagement photos. They are an extension of Sara’s life; a place where she actually lived for 2.5 years! Back in the summer of 2015, she was looking to move her beautiful horse Whinny to a new stable, and randomly stumbled across an ad on the internet. It was for an apartment above one of the barns at Hunter Valley Farms. She jumped at the apartment listing! For the next couple of years, she enjoyed the quiet 50+ acres, beautiful morning sunrises, and sunsets on the beach near the wedding venue. She also got the opportunity to ride her horse whenever she wanted. A literal dream for Sara.

Once she started dating Nolan, Hunter Valley Farms continued to be a part of her life. In fact, Nolan proposed to her on the beach! The beautiful soft sand with the waves splashing in the background, was the perfect proposal spot. And it only felt fitting to visit this scenic East Tennessee venue for their engagement photos. On our session date, the wind was absolutely blowing from recent storms in the Knoxville area. And guess what? I don’t mind one bit? Sara looked amazing as her hair whipped and twirled around Nolan. Ever kiss blanketed them in movement; both in wind and in light!

Hunter Valley Farms

There are not many wedding venues like Hunter Valley Farms in the Knoxville area. It’s a versatile location with many photo-taking locations. Whether you want to take photos along the fence line surrounding the fields, or lakeside, you can’t go wrong. It’s always a delight to see newly engage couples snuggling up at any of these backdrops. Nestled in west Knoxville, Tennessee, this Knoxville Wedding venue is the charming and romantic. The grounds and reception spaces are total jewels for any couple looking to get married.

Knoxville Engagement Photography

If you are as smitten with Sara and Nolan’s engagement photos, feel free to contact me to schedule your engagement photos. Just like this couple, we would love to photograph you in a purposeful location that showcases your new stage in life. We love being Knoxville Wedding Photographers, and look forward to hearing from you!

Girl in yellow shirt feeding horse behind fence at Hunter Valley Farm
Adult girl and boy feeding horse at Hunter Valley Farm
Girl in yellow shirt feeding horse over fence at farm
man and woman walking in field holding hands
man and woman holding hands in field surrounded by fence
man and woman walking in field in between fences
man and woman holding hands at Hunter Valley Farm
man and woman hugging along fence line in grass
man and woman hugging during Hunter Valley Engagement session in Knoxville
sunflare photo of girl and boy hugging at engagement session
portrait photos of man and woman with ivy wall
engagement session at Hunter Valley Farm in Knoxville
man and woman along ivy wall walking and hugging
girl and boy standing in front of ivy wall
man and woman at Hunter Valley Engagement
Girl and boy walking with each other at Hunter Valley Engagement
Girl resting head on shoulder along dock in Knoxville
girl and boy laughing on dock at Hunter Valley engagement
man and woman on beach hugging
woman looking at the camera with hair blowing in wind
man and woman kissing with hair blowing in wind
portrait of femail in the wind
Hunter Valley engagement in Knoxville
man and woman sitting on beach in Knoxville


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