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The Fair House Smokies Engagement Photos

Fairy House in the Smokies Engagement Photos

When Kristen and Avery contacted me about their engagement photos, they asked for something unique. They wanted a place that was unusual for moody and mystical engagement photos, just like my Halloween Wedding Inspiration. I have the luxury of photographing at many unusual places in the Smokies, but this time we needed something just a tad different.

I immediately knew where to take them for the engagement photography. The Fairy House in the Smokies has always been on my bucket list for photography. Every since I saw it mentioned in a Facebook hiking group, I knew that I had to photograph there. It finally came to fruition this winter.

House of the Fairies in Gatlinburg

The Fairy House in Gatlinburg was the original Voorheis Estate. In the 1900s, Louis E. Voorheis developed the 38-acre mountain site. Voorheis used natural materials to convey a rustic appearance on the entire estate in the buildings and landscape features. The House of the Fairies is the original is the springhouse that was on the estate.

The original purpose was to keep the spring water clean by excluding fallen leaves and animals. People used the enclosed structure for refrigeration before the advent of ice delivery and electricity. The spring water maintained a constant cool temperature inside so that food would otherwise spoil could be kept safe.

Today, the Fairy House in the Smokies is a hiker’s dream to stumble upon this old stone house while they’re exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The National Park Service has removed several buildings and historic landscape plantings of the estate, but the Fairy House remains relatively intact.

How to Get to the Fairy House in the Smokies

Where is the Fairy House in the Smoky Mountains? It is located about a mile south of Gatlinburg off of Cherokee Orchard Road. You can find it in the Twin Creeks area. To get to the springhouse, can hike the Twin Creeks Trail, which is a 1.9-mile trail! You will have to veer off the trail to uncover this secret spot in the Smoky Mountains. Or, you can take a more direct route. Below you will see a House of the Fairies Map.

Map of the Fairy House in Gatlinburg

Smokies Permitted Photographer

Did you know that there are permitted Smoky Mountain Photographers? Yes! In order to have engagement photos and family photos in the Smokies, the National Park Services requires you to hire a photographer with a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA). Photographers with a CUA have a business license and liability insurance and are knowledgeable about the area. Erin Morrison Photography is a permitted photographer and I would love to take your photos in the Smokies. Contact me today to book your session.

The Fairy House in the Smokies in Gatlinburg
Moody engagement photos in Gatlinburg at The House of Fairies
bride in beaded black dress with red bouquet
bride and groom in black wedding outfits at moody engagement photos
man and woman holding hands while wearing black wedding outfits
man and woman in black wedding outfit at The Fair House in Smokies
man and woman kissing while wearing black shirt and black wedding dress
man and woman wearing black beaded wedding dress
woman in black beaded wedding dress with black wedding crown
Fairy House in Smokies Winter Engagement Photos
black wedding dress in the Smokies
House of Fairies in Gatlinburg in the Smoky Mountains
bride and groom in black wedding outfits in the snow
woman in beaded black wedding dress with black crown and red bouquet
snow engagement photos in The Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg
bride in black beaded wedding dress with black wedding crown
bride and groom in black wedding outfits in winter
bride and groom in black wedding outfits standing in road in forest
engagement photos in black plague masks
engagement photos with bride and groom in black plague masks
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bride and groom in black plague masks

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