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I fell in love with my wedding photographers.

Yep, that is how the whole idea of photography came into my life.  I guess you could say that photography has been on the fringe of my life for a number of years because my aunt and uncle are professional landscape photographers in the Seattle area. I have always loved to view their phtoos and online portfolio, and I loved the idea of travel and wanderlust. However, on my wedding day, I enjoyed having my portrait taken, being in front of the camera, and meeting people who truly loved photographing people was very refreshing to me. And, I thought, that photography may be a good way for me to channel the creative side of my personality into something that was tangible. That "thought" occurred to me 5 years ago, and I have never looked back. 

I have always enjoyed the Knoxville family photography and the Knoxville wedding photography scene in this beautiful town that I live it. It is such a wonderful "job" to creative portraits and memories for couples and families. It never occurred to me that I might actually get published, write articles for magazines, or heck(!), even be a speaker at workshops. I mean, whoa. 

This Press Page is certainly not a "I am gonna show off" page, but more of a "thank you for trusting in me" page.  Being published is an honor, and I appreciate the couples and families who allow me to share part of their lives with the masses. I also appreciate the local and national blogs and magazines that allow me to be a part of their publication. I know how hard they work at their content to showcase for their audience. It means a lot to me to have them share my work. 

As you peruse the publication below, please feel free to follow their blogs or social media accounts. There is such a lovely combination of photography + advice for many facets of our lives.  


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