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Erin Morrison Photography: Knoxville Crossfit HTK Photographer

7:00 a.m. killers.

It’s been about 6 weeks since my husband started Crossfit.  I’ve never witnessed a more happy man.  Crossfit has not only provided my husband with a great exercise regime, but it has given him a great sense of accomplishment and pride.  It has also given him a great group of friends. Actually, it’s more like family.  Crossfit has also made a wifey very happy:) #youknowwhatimean

I was invited out to Crossfit HTK (“Hard To Kill”) this past Wednesday to view a workout.  I really had no idea what to expect. I mean, I’ve heard the whispers of workout horror stories; I’ve witnessed my husband come home dripping wet from sweat.  What was today going to behold?

The Crossfit HTK building is located off of Dutch Valley Road, and believe me it’s a “different” type of…establishment. Let’s just say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  It’s a grungy warehouse that looks more like a loading zone than a “gym.”   There isn’t any fancy workout equipment, locker rooms, or a workout assistant checking anyone in.  It’s a yellowish-white-walled, concrete-floored (with some rubber mats), florescent-light filled warehouse, that smells like steel, iron, sweat and tears.  It is a photographer’s nightmare. But it’s a Crossfitters dream place.  It’s gritty, dirty, and just plain-out bada**.

Wednesday’s workout was: Super Human Intense Interval Training.  Or better known as: S.H.I.T.  Believe me, they knew this word very well by the end of the workout.  The goal: to do As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds.  Repeat. Change station. Repeat. And proceed to sweat like crazy.

What is the workout you ask? Here ya go:

1. Landmines (rotational barbell exercise)

2. Tire-Jacks (jumping jacks with a tire over your head)

 3. Tractor Tire Battle (with a partner, pushing a large tractor tire back and forth as hard as possible)

3. Row Machine or Stationary Bike

4. Wall Balls (throwing a medicine ball up against a wall…10′ overhead)

5. Overhead medicine ball OR Alternating jumping lunges

 6. Medicine ball OR Softball Pushups (ridiculousness)

7. Cone Jumps (7 in a row)

8. Rope Hang

9. Pull-ups or Chest-to-bars

10. Crouching Tire pushes

11. Tire Drag (through a gravel parking lot)

12. Tire Shoulder Press

13. Kettle Bell Clean & Press

Whew! I get tired just looking at these pictures! They all did a great job and really busted their butts.  And now, it was time to show off.  Bring out the cones and the kettle bells!  From what I’ve been told, one of the hardest moves to do is a one-hand stand.  First off, you have got to get upside down, which can almost be the hardest part of the whole thing. Next, keep your balance. Balance…balance… Now, get that arm up there! Talk about a heavy-duty core/every-hair-on-your-body exercise.

And done. Wow. What a morning.  And it’s not even 8:00 a.m. yet!  Thank you to Crossfit HTK for letting me hang out with you guys for an afternoon! Wes, David, James, Rick, Casey, Jamie, Megan, Scott, and Eric, you rocked it! #muchlove

 To view the FULL gallery of images, please go to this LINK. Password: HardToKill